Tuesday, 23 February 2016

CELL - a proposal

I have been discussing an idea with other lefties, social media afficianados and SL members that I find very exciting.

SLLU has ground to a halt because of it's unique structure, place and time.  It was used effectively at that time to confront fascists using Second Life to organise and to raise money for causes across the world - most notably RAWA.  And it was used to globalise a strike in IBM Italy, the result of which saw the Italian CEO of the company falling.

The idea that has been discussed between some members of the past SLLU collective is one that uses SL, and other social media to promote a small charter in communities across the world, based on social justice and equity.

The "Cells" that operate in doing so can be small communities that use social media to communicate, raise money for local activism and then use social media to communicate the actions that cell has carried out in order to encourage and educate other "cells."

Each cell is entirely "stand alone" - local conditions will be very different across the globe - but will have the commonality of the charter.

Each cell can raise money and contribute to the national Cell - a cell in which each small cell elects one representative to communicate and present national and international ideas for the international parent cell.

Others interested in the creation of local cells and discussing our charter (perhaps based on the SLLU charter - adapted for today's world), please contact me neilwscott@hotmail.com


Neil Scott
Plot Tracer

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