Saturday, 9 December 2006

We Had Our First Meeting!

After the best attempts of the system, we still managed to have a successful meeting in the SLLU offices on Saturday 2nd December at 1pm SLT.

There were discussions about many things, but conclusions were made.

These were that the “perfect” capitalist system of SL can be, with the will of enough people on the game, completely socialised, that is ran by the people with skills rather than those with money as is the case now; and we, the SLLU can be part of this “revolution” or change.

We discussed a starting point for our revolutions, and it was agreed that we have started well with our premises in Scotland. Our next “baby step” to change is to utilise the skills of people already in our group. Three people with skills such as clothes design, building and scripting are going to make things for a welcome pack which will be in the office for people to access. Anyone with skills such as these who was not able to come to the meeting is asked to perhaps create something for the pack. Suggestions were made of teeshirts and clothes with the logos of world wide socialist and left organisations on them. Other ideas are welcome.

Finances as per Sunday 3rd December 2006 are L$1826 – with L$100 coming off for rent in another two days.

The next meeting will be at 1.00pm slt (9.00pm gmt) Sunday 10th December. Please bring ideas and comradeship!

I will be publishing details of the meeting in full on the blog during the week.

In solidarity

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