Friday, 25 May 2007

G8 Travel arrangements from UK

Arrangements have been finalised for travelling to germany for the G8 protests (1st-8th june). For anyone who has not booked yet, we recommend joining the Globalise Resistance delegation which is leaving from London on the 1st of June.

Here's what's on offer:

Bus from London early on Friday 1 June (exact time will be announced soon) to Harwich. People are welcome to make their own way to Harwich and save themselves £15, especially if you aren't travelling from London. Groups such as students and trade unionists might want to organise minibusses or coaches to get there.
Ferry (leaves at 0900 from Harwich to Hook of Holland (arrives about 1615)
Bus leaves Hook of Holland to Rostock, stopping in Utrecht to pick up Dutch activists
Arrive Rostock Saturday morning.

Same journey in reverse, but there's a choice:
1. leave Rostock Sunday evening, arrive Harwich 2015 on Monday 4 June
2. leave Rostock Thursday evening, arrive Harwich 2015 on Friday 8 June

Some activists have already booked flights individually from London Stanstead to Hamburg Lubeck on the 1st of June, and it is still possible to do so with Ryan Air, however bare in mind costs will go up and it would be necessary to book asap. those of us flying are making arrangements to meet up with the Globalise Resistance bus on Rostock, and there are also already students from the glasgow group travelling on the bus.

If you're going to germany please arrange travel now if you haven't done so as it is just a week away.

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