Thursday, 12 November 2009

16 days of activism - schedule preview (not final!)

Sneak preview of what we have in store but subject to change! Keep looking here and here for updates!

Wednesday November 25th
Four Bridges Mainstage
10AM SLT - Welcome address from Ledo. Intro. to events from Siri
10:15 AM SLT - Reading of selected poetry by Gwen Carillon
10:30 - 11:00 AM SLT - Music by TBD
11:00 AM SLT - Intro to Language of Pornography Exhibit by UndoneChaos Enoch

11:10 - Noon - Tour of Launguage of Pornography exhibit with Undone available at installation for questions.

Noon to 1PM SLT - Discussion Group on The Language of Pornography faciliated by Undone Chaos Enoch at the Four Bridges Drum Circle

1PM to 2PM SLT - Music: Truelie Telling
Four Bridges Mainstage

2PM to 3PM SLT - Live Music - This Device
Afghan SL Peace at the Peace Park

3PM to 4PM SLT - any1 Gynoid Exhibit and discussion Elimination of Violence Against Women in Afghanistan
Afghan Peace Exhibit - Peace Park

4PM to 5PM SLT - Music by TBD

5PM - 6PM SLT Opening of Ana Herzogs Exhibit on The Impact of War on Women
Casita Gaia Village - The Women's Center


Thursday November 26th THANKSGIVING IN THE US - NOON LIVE MUSIC Atheene Dononpa at the Imagine Nest

Friday November 27th - 1PM - 2PM SLT Alexjo Magic Discussion on Impact of Israeli Occupation on Palestinian Women
Four Bridges North - Actions Against the Israeli Apartheid Wall Exhibit

Saturday November 28th
10AM - Noon SLT Panel Discussion on Domestic Violence
Panelists: Paty Amiot, millay Freschi, Alexjo Magic, UndoneChaos Enoch
Location: Four Bridges Auditorium

Noon to 1PM - The Poetry of Medora Chevalier, Paulette Felisimo and Serene Bichon
Four Bridges Imagine Nest

1PM to 3PM SLT Panel Discussion on the Status of Women in Different Cultures Throughout the World
Panelists: Alexjo Magic (Israel/Palestine), Afghan Expert (per any1), Nany Kayo (Native American), Paty Amiot (Hispanic Cultures), millay Freschi (US), Is there someone for Europe and Asia?,

3PM to 4PM - LIVE MUSIC - Cylindrain Rutabaga

4PM - 5PM -

5PM - 6PM

6PM - 7PM LIVE MUSIC - Shannon Oherlihy

7PM - 8PM -

Sunday November 29th -Noon SLT - Nany Kayo Presentation on Violence Against Native American Women
Virtual Native Lands
lm TBD

Monday November 30th - Noon SLT Amber from Equaltiy now via skype presents on prostitution and trafficking - Info also providded on vaw games in Japan

Tuesday December 1st - HOLD for Presentation on how AIDS is affecting women - WORLD AIDS DAY

Wednesday December 2nd - Stop Porn Culture slideshow - Zoe Parness and Scylla Rhiandra
1PM SLT - Four Bridges Location TBD

Thursday December 3rd - Noon SLT - Ana Herzog Presentation on The Impact of War on Women - Discussion
Casita Gaia Village - The Women's Center

Friday December 4th

Saturday December 5th - Paty Amiot presents on Femincide in Mexico
10AM SLT - Four Bridges Drum Circle

Sunday December 6th - millay Freschi on The Unique Power of the Feminine
Four Bridges Imagine Nest

Monday December 7th

Tuesday December 8th

Wednesday December 9th - millay Freschi on Women Activists at Risk
5PM SLT - Four Bridges Amnesty International Headquarters

Thursday December 10th - Light Show at Imagine Nest 1PM SLT

Pending Booking timeslots:
Kiko Hunniton - Empowering Women
Meditation Workshop - feminist expidition
working with non sexist men - czamy zsun
presentation on transgender issues - tbd kenelle levenque

[6:47] Kiko Hunniton: very talented artist - check it out
[6:47] Kiko Hunniton: or directly his exhibition

Trill Zapatero: Several pieces about the power of the feminine - Working on Instillation

Paulette: Rose Sculpture (INSTALLED!)

Gwen Carillon - Three sculptures, Despair, Rebirth, Stregth (Stregth installed!)

UndoneChaos Enoch - The language of Pornography (Installed on Platform)

Aurakyo Insoo - Imagine Nest (Installed on Platform)

Scylla Rhiandra - Exhibit on Portrayals of VAW in SL (Location TBD)

Carbella Babii - Visual piece (meeting 11/12 to discuss placement)

Medora Chevalier - Stop Stoning culture (INSTALLED)

Jenaia Morane - World AIDS day Exhibit ( To be installed 11/12 or 11/13 - still need quilt to be finished, that will be installed later)

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