Friday, 16 April 2010

SLLU membership takes a leap

Back in October, I deleted around 100 avies from our membership as they had not logged in to SL for over a year. This brought our membership down to about 340. As can be seen by the screenshot below, taken from LL's own groups stats page, our membership has increased by around 50 since then. This proves that in SL there is a thirst for left political engagement.

Due to the increase in membership, I am asking new members to write a short blogpiece to say why you are a member of SLLU... add questions you have etc... and your personal political beliefs as they are at this stage (political beliefs are fluid, I know). It would be good to have a cross section of group noobs views/ beliefs/ expectations etc on the blog. We do get decent hits for a SL blog - spesh a political one. Contact me with questions etc.

If you are not a member, please contact me inworld.

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1 comment:

Irene Muni said...

Hi all.

I'm a spanish member of SLLU (so, apologies for my very bad English).

I'm still young in RL (I was born in 1989), but in SL I was born -with a previos account- in 2005.

I came to the political and trade union left from the "social left" (social movements, non-profits...).

Currently, I am very disappointed with the political and trade union (students trade union) left in Spain (and also in Europe). I think there isn't a REAL political left to propose a viable alternative model of society (at least in Spain). So, all my work is in social movements.

I think the most urgent at the moment is that citizens become aware (awareness) again and prominence, especially in all that relates First and Third (and Fourth) World.

It is a good opportunity for reflection and awareness and for certain types of activism.

Greetings from Spain!