Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Anonymous Revolution Online

UPDATES: See Comments for more links, important security tips.

Some elements of Anonymous, the notorious 4chan griefers, seem to have matured, graduating from mere lulz to more substantial political engagement.

A campaign against Scientololgy a few years ago gained them some notoriety, but recent direct action support for Wikileaks brought a more serious note.

Anonymous launched mirror sites to keep the Wikileaks website online in the face of presumed US government hack attacks, and coordinated retaliatory Anon DOS attacks against Amazon, Paypal, Mastercard and Visa for cutting off Wikileaks accounts.

Most recently Anon has been heavily involved in assisting the uprising in Tunisia, providing substantial internet resources for agitation, communication and coordination of street actions on twitter, facebook, IRC, etc. including secure anonymous internet access via proxy servers.

The ensuing popular democratic insurrection, which quickly succeeded in ousting the corrupt government of Tunisia, is being touted as the first successful revolution by means of networking online with social media, and it seems to be spreading to the rest of the region.

For some good background on Anon involvement, the latest news on what's happening on the ground in Tunisia, and what you can do now to help provide ongoing support:

Anonymous Op Swift Assist: Tunisia

Right now, Anon operations are expanding to include Algeria, Egypt, and an expanding list of other nations, including Albania, Syria and Libya, where similar popular uprisings are also brewing.

For the latest report on what's going down in Algeria:

Anon OpAlgeria

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agitprop said...

1/25 Update:

Egypt erupts with mass demonstrations.

Info here:


Anonymous IRC channel (live chat bulletin board) coordinating DOS attacks against government websites, to disrupt police and military communications, and also reporting latest news, videos, advising re: online security, how to join the DOS attacks (they are calling for volunteers):


agitprop said...

1/31 UPDATE: North African Popular Democratic Uprisings

Wikileaks confirmation of the gory details of outrageous corruption and brutal human rights abuses of their own governments, and of US anti-democratic weaseling and diplomatic double-dealing, have been avidly discussed in detail for weeks online, precipitating an eruption of flash-mob style mass mobilizations, virtual general strikes, in the real world.

Spreading like an unprecedented wildfire across Tunisia and Egypt, where the governments have, more or less, effectively fallen, numerous other clone manifestations have also sprung up in Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Albania, and other nations.

Thus far, these are genuinely popular democratic mass uprisings, spontaneously organized, deployed and coordinated online, with no sectarian political, religious or cultural groups "in charge".

What will now ensue in these nations going forward has everyone on the edge of their seats, watching, all over the world, online.

Increasing numbers of people all around the world are offering moral and material support for these struggles.

For the latest info, and to participate, either directly, or in support, try some of these links:

A good series of blogs about the background and current operations of Anonymous, a best source for direct on-the-ground contact, reports and requests for assistance coming in via Anonyous IRC (live chat bulletin board).


Operations have ranged from technical assistance in securing on-the-ground activists' communications and circumvention of government blocking of Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other organizing media, to Anon DDOS attacks on government servers, to disrupt police and military communications.

With the complete internet shutdown in Egypt, Anon is now deploying alternative modes of communication, from shortwave morse code to throwing up independent wireless networks. Fax and print operations are ongoing.

Similar ops are also underway, at various different levels of intensity and activity, as events transpire in Algeria, Yemen, etc.

Volunteers are advised to secure their tubes and follow step by step instructions carefully, if choosing to engage in operations.

How to secure your tubes:


To actually hook up and join the fray, or to just monitor the minute to minute operations and reports from the field:

Secured IRC: AnonOps live BB chat for Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, etc.

(enter !topic in the text field at bottom of window, to call up latest operational priorities, targets, links, from the chat bot)

Do not click on other downloads from chat unless well protected, as anyone can post live, and there's no screening of those links for malware, etc.


TOR cloud volunteers are urgently needed, to circumvent internet censorship world-wide as well as to keep you and others more anonymous. Safe, free, and easy way to participate whenever you're online, by becoming a TOR node, adding bandwidth to the network.