Monday, 2 April 2012

more talks and discussions coming at SLLU

So, last night Wilhelm Palmira did a talk and discussion on "Who are the 1%?".  It went really well with good turn out.  Definitely a good start to a continuing set of talks.  Wilhelm is offering up these topics next:

1) Capitalism as Sabotage: How wealth makes poverty. Linking Corporate profits to global hunger and poverty. What are the alternatives?
2) Destroying the war machine from within - Making your country, your society and even your head free of the military psychosis.

I'm looking forward to some great discussions at the SLLU Stage.  Wilhelm wants to do two talks a month.  We haven't set the date yet but it will be in two or three weeks.

.....Anybody interested in leading a talk themselves?  I'd like to see us hosting more discussions.  Or, how about some video showings and discussions?    Ideas?

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