Wednesday, 31 January 2007

UK - SLLU support PCS workers strike

The SLLU applauds the determined,
united strike taken by over 280,000 PCS
members, followed by a two-week overtime ban.
We offer 100%, unqualified support to you, as
fellow PCS members in the offices; as fellow
trade unionists on the pickets; as socialists in
our communities, on the streets and in the
This marvellous display of workers’ unity and trade
union strength is not just a token day of protest - it
should be the start of a massive campaign to force
the government to retreat on jobs, pay, privatisation
and pensions.
The British New Labour government is brutal in its campaign
to demonise civil servants in order to slash
our jobs, pay and services. So we need an equally
determined campaign that appeals to the wider
trade union movement and local communities.
We need to take advantage of the fact New
Labour faces the electorate in May in Scotland, and mount
escalating pressure on them.
Today’s strike in over 200 agencies and departments
is a marvellous launch of further action -
including a solid overtime ban, further demos, and if
necessary further national days of united civil
service-wide strikes before the May elections.
Join 280,000 fellow trade unionists in a movement
the government cannot resist! Remember, the mere
readiness to strike forced them to concede lifetime
protection of pensions for all existing staff.

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