Thursday, 5 July 2007

From Scottish Socialist Party Spokesperson


- against terrorism

- against racist attacks

- against war


Saturday 2pm George Square, Glasgow.


This has been called in response to the attempted airport atrocity, by a combination of mosques, other faith organisations and supported by trade unions - and us, the SSP.

We condemn the appalling terrorist attack on Glasgow airport – which could have caused murder and mayhem to innocent men, women and kids.

We stand united against such atrocities - which affect all communities.

We condemn those using the excuse to carry out racist attacks on ethnic minorities - the Muslim people of Scotland must not become scapegoats for an atrocity that they have openly and angrily condemned.

We call on the new Scottish government to carry out its election pledges and pressurise Gordon Brown to withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, as a step towards stabilising Scotland - to help build peace, justice and unity in the community.

Please – if you are in Scotland, and can get to George Square, Glasgow, come show solidarity with the ordinary people who were targeted and with the Muslim people of Scotland who have condemned this action.


Scottish Socialist Party

SSP Contact details: SSP, Suite 308, 93 Hope St, Glasgow.
G2 6LD 0141 221 7470

United Against Terror rally
Saturday 7 July, 2pm
George Square, Glasgow

Mosques and Islamic organisations in Glasgow have
called for a rally on Saturdayto demonstrate their
resolve against terrorism. It will take place one
week after the Glasgow Airport attack, with it also
being the second anniversary of the July bombings.

They are inviting everyone who can to take part,
under the title “Scotland United Against Terror.”
Faith leaders, churches, trade unionists and others
in civic society have been invited to attend, while
Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed
she will speak.

Commenting, Osama Saeed, one of the organisers said:

”The incident today in Riddrie [someone backed a
car into an Asian shop and set it on fire]
underscores the need to emphasise community
cohesion at this point.

We have a simple equation facing us. We have
the terrorists on one side, and the rest of
against them on the other - whether they be
Muslim, Christian, people of other faiths or
none. We mustn’t start accusing people of being
terrorists when they plainly aren’t.”

*For more information please contact:

Osama Saeed 07813 036238

Humza Yousaf 07776 196372

Detectives have launched an investigation after a car was rammed into a shop and then set alight.

The incident happened in the north-eastern part of Glasgow in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

An Asian newsagent's shop in the Riddrie area was left a burned out shell after the attack.

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