Monday, 2 July 2007

Scottish solutions

From Scottish SLLU member, Plot Tracer -

Comments required on sl (to Plot Tracer or here on blog):

I ask SLLU members to make an outright condemnation of the attacks in England and Scotland. People have been reticent in giving views on this.

In my opinion, it is easy. The people who did this are stupid to think the appalling act of killing holiday makers will ease the conditions in Palestine or Iraq by giving the “West” a taste of what has disgustingly happened in those countries because of a terrible and very mistaken foreign policy initiated by Bush and Blair.

Nor will it make those in power in western countries, or those in subjection in UK/US decide to push their governments to ease the situation in the Middle East.

SLLU members should condemn the attempts on the lives of ordinary shoppers/ night clubbers/ travellers. We also acknowledge the fact that these embittered people/organisations would not be attacking us if our so called leaders had not sanctioned attacks on their livelihoods/countries/families.

The solution? – Uk and US out of Iraq! Allow the people of Iraq to come to a solution without US market and political pressure.

Allow the people of the Middle East to govern themselves and allow them to sell/distribute their own oil/resources for the benefit of their own country – which will allow them freedom from the World Bank and IMF – and those organisation's stipulations - ie. what they constitute an “unfettered market”.

UK should support the formation of a Palestine state without Israeli/US/ US political or US market conditions. UK/US should as a first step, stop selling and servicing weapons to countries in the area that have been modelled in their image by their regimes. These countries, rather than imposing a solution via their hand selected emissaries, should allow the peoples to have honest and open talks.

Other SLLU comments welcome on this subject. Im me or place comments on Blog. ALL comments will be placed on the SLLU blog. -

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Anonymous said...

The governments did this to rally the people to the war. It's going to work too. Nobody wants to leave... because NOW that would mean "surrender".

I mean, it's obvious.

Second Life Left Unity said...

The EC met yesterday and agreed the following statement:

The Scottish Socialist Party offers its support and sympathy to
Scotlands Muslim community in the wake of Saturdays attempted
atrocity at Glasgow Airport.

As the Muslim Association of Britain has pointed out, Scotlands
Muslim community are justifiably angry at this attempted atrocity,
which has the potential to play into the hands of the racist
far-right, damage community relations and heighten fears in the
Muslim community.

Saturdays action is the first serious attempt in Scotland to conduct
a terrorist campaign aimed at civilians since Word War II. With Gordon
Brown taking the reigns of power in Westminster, Scotland has
apparently become a legitimate terrorist target, as a result of the
government's disastrous and murderous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From the needless murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan
civilians to young men from Fife meeting a premature and futile end in
Basra, families around the world are in mourning as a result of Bush,
Blair and now Brown's warmongering.

In opposition, the SNP were vocal in their opposition to the war and
their desire to bring the troops home. The SSP calls on Scotland's
politicians from all parties, whether they supported the war in Iraq
or not, to end this mess and to end it now.

An independent Scotland would not have been dragged into an illegal
war against the wishes of a majority of the people; the decision to
bring the troops home is ours, not Mr Brown's.

We call for the whole of Scotland to rally to the anti-war cause and
to resist attempts to divide us on race or religion. Scotland's
Muslim community is not responsible for these attacks and should not
be allowed to be scapegoated by the press or the politicians. Acts of
terrorism target the innocent; we condemn such attacks wherever they

Scottish Socialist Party Executive Committee