Friday, 7 September 2007


SLLU Exhibition - in collaboration with Luna Box

Watch the stream and then enter the building for the exhibition about worker exploitation in the past and now!

After you have been to the exhibition, please go to the Tribute Garden on the island to place your tribute to the exploited.

The Tribute Garden is at the top left of the island...

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J M said...

Fantastic exhibition, SLLU! The video is really touching. What a terrible system we are allowing in our world that exploits children and poor dissempowered people in this way.

Pablo Pollitt said...

Victorian Britain has been exported to other countries. Great Expo!

Eduardo Reed said...

All SL residents should visit and take their time to explore.

Second Life Left Unity said...

Possible posting for the SLLU blog

Hi Plot,

Don't know if this is too moderate to have posted on but I read about

The schedule in EST is on

If I were to attend the event (which I cannot because I'm at work
then,) I would just attend the 4:30-5:30 EST portion on National
Security Interrogation Techniques. :-P

I saw the pictures you posted of the G-8 protests in SL! A great
turnout! Wish I was there.

Thank you for your consideration.

Ms Q

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sllu, Plot, Higgs,I'm happy to work with you in this way;-) It's super interesting...let's think about the next exhibition;-) big kisses and hugs. Laura.

Klaatu said...

Great exhibition! The video up on the roof is particularly moving and reminds us all of the injustices that still abound in the world but just never get reported in the mainstream media.
Really liked the 'overturned radioactive truck' outside the building - you can almost feel your hair falling out if you stand too close, ha ha. Seriously, it highlights the exploitation of workers by bosses who refuse to offer them adequate protections in dangerous and hazardous situations. Well done comrades!