Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Reply to Laura Gagliano

A reply to the interview with Laura Gagliano from second life resident and
Uruguayan, PastoraPier Ferrentino:

"I read your interview. It's really good, I really enjoyed it. But i think Laura
mixed our situtation with the Argentina situation, economically speaking.
It's not true that:

"The French energy company have bought the service for Uruguay.....

This is what happened in Argentina, when Menem (one person from the
right side of politics) was President. Here in Urguay in those years (1995) we
also had one neo liberal president (Luis Alberto Lacalle), but he
couldn't sell any of our amenities off, because the left parties (in the
government now) asked for a "referendum", and won the NO to the

In another part of the interview, Laura said that the owners of the
land are Europeans. I know quite a few Uruaguayans with land who have
European heritage, but a lot are Uruguayan 100%.

I really think the good times are arriving now for this part of the
world. I am sad for the Iraquis, for the USA population, and for all
the countries that are in war now, but here, finally, we are in peace
and growing up."

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