Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Women in the Palestinian / Israeli Conflict: An interview with Alexjo Magic.

Date: Saturday, Feb. 21
Time: 12pm SLT
Location: Port Spinoza Wetlands

Introductions: Alexjo Magic Is working on PhD in Women's Studies - on the unheard voices of israeli women in the Israeli - palestinian conflict. She is the founder of the Women in Black in Haifa, and has been a feminist peace activist for over 20 years.

This will begin as an interview and turn into a question / answer session. Aucience members are asked to submit questions in IM, and the moderator will do his/her best to get to all of them.

Come and learn from a first-had witness what the realities are like in this war-torn part of the world.

There may be some music to follow! So stay tuned!

Contact Peace Train group or Siri Vita inworld for further info.


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