Thursday, 21 May 2009

Virtually Speaking: Grassroots Organizing, Networking

You are invited ....

Event title: Blogger Clammyc Live in SL/Guest Host CS Kappler

Sponsoring/hosting institution: Virtually Speaking

Date: Thursday, May 21, 2009

Times: 6pm - 7:15 pm SLT

Locale  - InWorld Amphitheater

InWorld Studios

Adam Lambert is a tax consultant living and working in the New York City area. Blogging under the name clammyc, Adam is  a frequent contributor at Daily Kos and front pager at bluejersey. He co-founded Political Nexus, an online Blog Talk Radio site with six different show formats focused on progressive issues and the progressive blogosphere. 

He is currently focused on local organizing and politics and presently following discussions about the first Supreme Court justice nomination of the Obama era.

Clammy and CS Kappler will  talk about social networks and the many ways technologies are enhancing activism and the conversations of activism, organizing, campaigns, messaging and shaping of public policy.


Virtually Speaking with Jimbo Hoyer is a regular public affairs program of Inworld Studios, featuring live, in-depth, intelligent conversations with opinion leaders before a virtual studio audience. Programs are simulcast on Blog Talk Radio. Writer CS Kappler is the alternative show host. Widget Whiteberry dresses the set and promotes Virtually Speaking on the net. Pebea Quandary creates guest avatars. Bookem Streeter stocks the books at Jackson Street Books online , Pb Recrean provides tech support - and DJs afterwards -  and Dire Lobo  manages tech and the site.

Help us spread the word -

1. Follow the schedule and post pictures,  questions/comments to the forum at 

Virtually Speaking blog forum

2. Join the Virtually Speaking group inworld and on FaceBook

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Contact: Widget Whiteberry

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agitprop said...

Daily Kos is a very widely read US blog that advocates electing more and better (more progressive) Democrats, as a means of pushing a more progressive agenda in US domestic and foreign policy.

A broad range of mainly progressive and liberal Democrats post there, but everyone from conservative Blue Dogs to radical avowed leftwingers are among the regulars on dkos, including some in or near the Obama admin, and the grassroots networks that got him so overwhelmingly elected, "ordinary (activist) citizens", geeks and political of the most feared and respected sites of teh "radical left" blogosphere.

Debate can get pretty lively, and critiques of Republicans and Blue Dogs, especially, have become notoriously provocative, and even influential, to the point that the founder, Markos, and his blog, have been reviled by Faux "News", et al, and both both courted and decried by some major Democratic Party figures.

Several people from the dkos blog have established a presence in Second Life, where events include a regular live internet radio stream talk show called Virtually Speaking, with famous guests, every Thursday, and a yearly Netroots Nation SL convention, in conjunction with the annual Real Life dkos Netroots Nation bloggers' convention (in Detroit, this year).

Earnest Newman (aka agitprop)

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, agitprop. One correction: his year's 1st life NN will be in Pittsburgh, PA.