Friday, 15 May 2009

Lets resume SLLU Membership Meetings

Hey comrades,

I want to propose we will resume the regular membership meetings again.
We for some reason stopped meeting; meetings that we decided to have, several months ago.
Some of us are or have been very busy in RL, sundays was not always a good day, 2 pm was maybe not the best time; whatever the reasons were, please add your thoughts in the commentsection on whether we should resume the meetings, and if yes, what time and day.

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Plot Tracer said...

I agree, smoke, though I cannot be there for a few more weeks. It would be great if the SLLU group messaging systems were used for these call outs tho. Oh - and apparently the SLLU freebie shop has been deleted by the new owners of the land.

Smoke Wijaya said...

Hey Plot,

I of course also send this call out with SLLU group inworld, but needed a place to point to where everyone can add their thoughts, hence blogpost.
And yes, Ms. Q IMd me about the freebie indeed is gone and I took away the teleporters to it.

Franz Carver said...

If I can find the time it would be good to make a meeting or two.

Did we publicise the discussion forum among all the members?

I noticed the freebie shop as well. Eremia and Higgle might be a bit miffed at that.

Smoke Wijaya said...

Well, not many people have reacted with proposal for certain day/time for meetings, so I think we better just start the meetings again...and
I would want to propose to maybe take saturdays (instead of sundays), around 11 am or 12 pm slt as regular time for SLLU membership meetings...which is early evening for europeans.