Sunday, 26 April 2009

SLLU - a place in Second Life for the Left

SLLU is a place for left radicals to meet on SL. As the capitalist system crumbles and the capitalists make the poor and working class pay for their failures and bonuses, SLLU – a Left Unity project – becomes even more relevant. People from across the world can meet and share their experiences of the fight for a fair world. SLLU is a place people across the globe can meet to coordinate fightbacks.

It is a space were left anti-capitalists can find what they agree on and act on these things. It is a group where different left groups can explain their program without prejudice.

The internet is an important meeting place to share views and to put alternative views across to people who have been confused by the neo-liberal double-speak we have been subjected to for thirty years. SLLU can bring groups of people together to coordinate blogs/emailings/websites/installations in Second Life.

The capitalist system of greed before people cannot solve poverty. The right wing new ideology of “thrift” is one of austerity not for the rich, but for the working class and poor. Let’s get this message out. Let’s meet in SLLU – let’s be part of the fightback.

To find out when SLLU meets, please contact Smoke Wijaya, Ledoof Constantineau or Zoe Parness.


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