Sunday, 6 December 2009

This week... activism in SL!

Below is a selection of photos from the past few days of activism in SL. These include images from events from the "16 Days of Activism" (and I purposely begin with a photo of the great SLLU Feminist Network organiser, Ledoof Constantineau!), No Berlusconi day, the poetry and "Wildo Hoffman's Chillout session" and others. Literally thousands of RL people logged in for interesting talks/discussions and demonstrations. This is Active Learning in Action!

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1 comment:

Scylla Rhiadra said...

Very cool. But you need MORE pictures of Leddo, who has not only been the heart and soul of the SLLUFN since its inception, but is also, along with Siri Vita (you also need pictures of HER), the genius behind the 16 Days of Activism.

Activism is on the roll in SL, and it is owing in great measure to these two!