Saturday, 30 January 2010

Callout for content for freebieshop-area

The last freebieshop we had was taken down and content returned after the group/person who had donated the land, changed the place or left SL. We were already thinking for a while to get a new freebieshop for SLLU and now we have created several buildings next to our Flagg-parcel in the Lori-sim for this purpose (see picture).

As you see, the basis has been created, now it is time to fill up these places with content.
If you have freebie/opensource/full perms objects/textures/scripts/skins/etc (from other creators or created by yourself) please consider donating these to SLLU. A donation-box for these will be found on the parcel where you can leave your donations in or you can just send them to me (Smoke Wijaya).
Another idea for the function of one of the buildings is the idea of a library; a library for SLLU resources, SL resources, but also literary left revolutionary resources, links to (opensource) books etc. (we could use,'s library and Gutenberg Project for example). I myself think building 3 on the picture will be nicest for this function.

Any suggestions on all this are welcomed, and if you have some, please comment in the commentssection.

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