Saturday, 30 January 2010

SLLU Meeting of 27 Januari: general SLLU membership meetings resumed.

Last wednesday, Januari the 27th, we had a new meeting for SLLU proper. This meeting was a first again after some time not having met (although SLLUFN has continued meeting and organising in the meantime).
During this 'first' meeting, we did not decide on many things yet, but one decision was taken, namely to resume regular meetings again; we decided to have general SLLU membership meetings every 2 weeks on Wednesday, 2 pm SLT.
So, the next meeting will be on the 10th of februari.

We also discussed some points like our support for the anti-berlusconi (music)event Italian comrades will be having in SL at 31st of Januari and the plans for content on our parcels in Flagg/Lori like freebies for freebieshop and creation of a 'library' (for SLLU resources, SL resources and general (revolutionary anti-capitalist) literature).
Another point we touched on is regarding groupowned land and the payment of this; currently, all the groupowned land is backed by (private) tierallowance donations, but this is only spread amongst four comrades, of which two take most of the load. It would be good for SLLU to have the payment of land spread amongst more members. A call out to SLLU members who are premium member (with SL) for considering donating some of their (leftover) tierallowance will go out soon.
The relevant chatlog of this meeting on the 27th of Januari will be posted in the comments.

With the next meeting we will have a report on the SLLU birthday party which we will have at the 21st of februari, as well as discuss/decide on points like use of Unity Station in Oculea and SLLU Antifa.

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Smoke Wijaya said...

Chatlog of SLLU meeting 27th Januari 1/3 (have to post the log in several comments, only allows for 4000 characters per comment)

[Present: Industria Dowler, Scylla Rhiadra, LolaRennt Blanco, Lisabeth Nikolaidis, Kara Spengler, Aeris Betsen, Smoke Wijaya]

[14:08] Smoke Wijaya: yeah, right, let us maybe get started indeed
[14:08] Industria Dowler: Ok.
[14:09] Smoke Wijaya: Well, at least,can I ask...would it be a good idea to have some regular meetings for SLLU as well? like once/twice a month?
[14:09] Scylla Rhiadra: I think so
[14:09] Industria Dowler: I'd be up for them if I can make it.
[14:09] Scylla Rhiadra: Same here. Wednesdays are generally not bad, too
[14:10] Industria Dowler: Yeah, this time works pretty well for me.
[14:10] Smoke Wijaya: does not have to be formal meetings with fixed agenda and all...but just times that members know tey willl find others aorund here.
[14:11] Smoke Wijaya: Kara, Lola, waht you think about some regular meetings?
[14:12] LolaRennt Blanco: I believe is important to rtalk to each other
[14:12] LolaRennt Blanco: communication is needed everywhere, so Yes
[14:12] LolaRennt Blanco: regular meeting are good for the group
[14:13] Smoke Wijaya: ok, cool Lola....
[14:13] Kara Spengler: [sorry, got called away for a minute]
[14:14] Kara Spengler: regular meetings sounds like a good idea
[14:14] Smoke Wijaya: cool, thanks Kara.
[14:14] Smoke Wijaya: Shall we then call for another in 2 weeks on wednesday, 2 pm?
[14:14] Scylla Rhiadra: Sounds good to me
[14:15] Smoke Wijaya: we have to start somewhere :)
[14:15] Scylla Rhiadra: We should have some good solid info on the party then to announce, too
[14:15] Smoke Wijaya: and after last months in several orgs, 5 people at time at a meeting is not bad .. hehe
[14:15] Industria Dowler: Sounds good to me, too.
[14:15] Kara Spengler: works for me, that is about right when I get home
[14:15] Smoke Wijaya: ah right Scylla, that would be good
[14:15] Smoke Wijaya: cool.
[14:16] Smoke Wijaya: Woudl you be ok if I then send out a notice about that?
[14:16] Scylla Rhiadra: Yep
[14:16] Industria Dowler: Sure.

[14:11] Scylla Rhiadra: Um . . . anything else on the agenda?
[14:11] Scylla Rhiadra: lol
[14:12] Smoke Wijaya: Well Scylla, some of our italian comrades that are about to have a anti-berlusconi event/festival ...and they asked whether we would back them, support add our names to the notecard.
[14:12] Scylla Rhiadra: Yes, I got a message maio about it
[14:12] Smoke Wijaya: yeah, that
[14:13] Scylla Rhiadra: maybe we could send the card out to the group?
[14:13] Industria Dowler: I've heard a little about Berlusconi and some of the corrupt things he's doing.
[14:13] Smoke Wijaya: Yeah Scylla, I was thinking that as well...
[14:13] Industria Dowler: Good idea.
[14:13] Smoke Wijaya: but did not know who he all had contacted, and did not wnat to decide by myself.
[14:13] Scylla Rhiadra: Berlusconi is a sleaze . . .
[14:13] Smoke Wijaya: hehe
[14:14] Scylla Rhiadra: Well, I think he contacted you, me, Plot, and Zoe
[14:14] Industria Dowler: Is he elected? And if so is his term almost up?
[14:14] Scylla Rhiadra: He is elected. Not sure about his term
[14:16] Scylla Rhiadra: Smoke, do you want to send out maio's card to the group? I can send it out to whatever groups you don't reach
[14:17] Smoke Wijaya: cool thanks Scylla, yes, I will send it out to SLLU then
[14:17] Scylla Rhiadra: Ok, I'll hit whatever groups are left
[14:17] Smoke Wijaya: I will also send out in slanarchy
[14:17] Smoke Wijaya: cpsl has already been taken care of
[14:17] Scylla Rhiadra nods
[14:17] Scylla Rhiadra: I was going to ask
[14:18] Scylla Rhiadra: I can hit Amnesty, Four Bridges, and a few groups like that

[continuing in following comment]

Smoke Wijaya said...


[14:17] Smoke Wijaya: Is there anything we really need to discuss now before Lola and Scylla are gone?
[14:17] Industria Dowler: Not that I can think of.
[14:21] Smoke Wijaya: Well,f or today we did not really have an agenda...but for last one I ahd some points...
[14:21] LolaRennt Blanco: Ok, let's talk about it
[14:21] Smoke Wijaya: I think everyone here knows about the new LGBTI networkI think
[14:21] LolaRennt Blanco: yes
[14:22] Industria Dowler: Yup, joined the group, too.
[14:22] Smoke Wijaya: ok, I made a building for them, it is behind the SLLUFN building...Samantha asked me to.
[14:22] Industria Dowler: That is looking good, too. :)
[14:23] Smoke Wijaya: cool
[14:23] Smoke Wijaya: I think now it is up to the lgbti group to decorate it etc
[14:23] Industria Dowler: Yeah, Samantha sent out a notecard asking for suggestions.
[14:23] Smoke Wijaya: Ok, cool, then that will all be fine I am sure

[14:24] Smoke Wijaya: that does bring us to our land holdings and other buildings...
[14:25] Smoke Wijaya: At the moment, SLLU holds 8700 sq meters...and all is also backed by private tier donation to pay for it ( this is good/safe). But there are only 4 who donated tier, and only 2 really that take almost all of the load....
[14:26] Smoke Wijaya: I did not check your profiles, whether you are premium member...
[14:26] Smoke Wijaya: ...but if you are, please consider donating some tier allowance when you have some left over.
[14:27] Smoke Wijaya: If you want to donate something, I will have to invite you to the holding group
[14:27] Smoke Wijaya: Unity Station Hub
[14:29] Smoke Wijaya: I will also send out a notice asking for tier allowance donation once again
[14:31] Smoke Wijaya: is also good for SLLU in the sense that when now one of the members that takes a large part of the landpayments leaves SL, SLLU has a "problem".

[14:31] Smoke Wijaya: Alright...for what is on that land...
[14:32] Smoke Wijaya: ...we have the Unity Station in Oculea...and this land in Flagg...and the adjacent land in Lori....
[14:32] Smoke Wijaya: ..the latter still has empty buildings...and the idea was to have new freebie shop(s) for SLLU again, there
[14:33] LolaRennt Blanco: I got a lot of those mercancy, I could help on it if you are agree
[14:33] Smoke Wijaya: it is behind the SLLUFN building
[14:33] Smoke Wijaya: that was the idea yes, to ask members for donating freebies...either own creation or not...but I think we do want to have them all a bit oriented to the left, so to speak...
[14:35] Smoke Wijaya: Any of you creative yourself?
[14:35] Industria Dowler: I can when I apply myself. :)
[14:35] Smoke Wijaya: in the sense of making clothes, objects...
[14:36] LolaRennt Blanco: I can make beds
[14:36] Industria Dowler: I casually build so if someone has an idea I can attempt to make it.
[14:36] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: well smoke for free shop you can take anything from cpsl free shop which you wanna use
[14:37] Smoke Wijaya: Cool Lisabeth, thanks
[14:37] Smoke Wijaya: but will not replicate all that stuff methinks...maybe better to get a portion and link to CPSL place.
[14:37] Smoke Wijaya: maybe we also could connect with other groups that way...

[14:36] Smoke Wijaya: 21 februari we will have a party, but Scylla (or someone else) will report on that with the next meeting...and I am sure we will hear things in between.

[14:38] Industria Dowler: Did you have any ideas of what you would like to see there, Smoke?
[14:38] Smoke Wijaya: Industria, on that parcel in Lori?
[14:38] Smoke Wijaya: behind the SLLUFN build?
[14:38] Industria Dowler: Yeah, for the freebie shop.
[14:39] Smoke Wijaya: not really no..I agreed with the idea to get new freebie shop, after the last one got taken down...and build some outline for it...
[14:39] Industria Dowler: Ah, ok.

Smoke Wijaya said...


[14:39] Smoke Wijaya: ..but I was thinking, that something like a library there as well might be nice.
[14:40] Industria Dowler: Hmm, ok. Kind of like a place for resources? Or just a general library?
[14:40] Smoke Wijaya: the first
[14:40] Industria Dowler: Ok.
[14:40] LolaRennt Blanco: okay, for that I got some help notes
[14:40] Smoke Wijaya: but also links to and info about books...but not general
[14:41] Industria Dowler: I see, makes sense. I was just trying to think if there might be open source texts or something.
[14:41] Smoke Wijaya: :) will also put out a notice around the freebie shop ( etc) then and ask for ideas/suggestions for next meeting.
[14:41] LolaRennt Blanco: from LL... does it matter? Basic stuffs like how to edit yourself, create, etc.
[14:41] Industria Dowler: Ok, Smoke.
[14:41] Smoke Wijaya: Industria, I think we get a long way with
[14:42] Smoke Wijaya:'s library
[14:42] LolaRennt Blanco: sure, Smoke
[14:42] Smoke Wijaya: some others...
[14:42] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: gutenburg
[14:42] Smoke Wijaya: Gutenburg project...not sure what is all in there...
[14:42] Industria Dowler: Ok, cool.
[14:43] Industria Dowler: I could try my hand at making books in SL.
[14:43] Industria Dowler: They probably won't be super high tech cuz I can't script for crap.
[14:43] LolaRennt Blanco: Right! I can help you
[14:44] LolaRennt Blanco: How about IntelliBookks? It had been working for me.
[14:44] Smoke Wijaya: Don't know about them
[14:45] LolaRennt Blanco gave you IntelliBook
[14:45] Industria Dowler: Don't you have to buy those and insert your own material?
[14:45] Industria Dowler: Yeah, those are cool.
[14:45] IntelliBook whispers: Touch contents to turn pages, touch cover for menu ...
[14:45] Smoke Wijaya: ok, ty lola, will check it later
[14:45] LolaRennt Blanco: yep, all we need is the correct pictures
[14:45] Industria Dowler: Would we be able to edit that one?
[14:45] LolaRennt Blanco: Sure
[14:46] LolaRennt Blanco: No, I mean, we can create more
[14:46] Industria Dowler: Ok, but is there a cost? Just curious.
[14:46] LolaRennt Blanco: No
[14:46] LolaRennt Blanco: Not for SLLU
[14:46] Industria Dowler: Oh nice!
[14:46] LolaRennt Blanco: :)) Yes
[14:46] Smoke Wijaya: Well, i think we should strive for opensource products
[14:46] Industria Dowler: Excellent. :)
[14:46] Industria Dowler: Yeah, that causes less problems.
[14:46] LolaRennt Blanco: it's good to use this things to make good
[14:47] Industria Dowler: Yeah, I'd rather use those than something else.
[14:47] LolaRennt Blanco: like... ?
[14:47] Industria Dowler: Like attempting to make my own book, haha!
[14:48] LolaRennt Blanco: jajaja
[14:48] LolaRennt Blanco: it can helps a lot, yes.

[14:48] Industria Dowler: Anything else before you go, Smoke?
[14:49] Smoke Wijaya: I was thinking, but no, I think not really for now...
[14:49] Industria Dowler: Ok.
[14:49] Smoke Wijaya: stuff like SLLU antifa is something for next meeting well as the decision on what to do with Unity Station in Oculea.
[14:49] Industria Dowler: Ok, so two weeks out?
[14:50] Smoke Wijaya: Yes, so that would be...
[14:50] Smoke Wijaya: the 10th
[14:51] Industria Dowler: Ok, so the 10th at 2 again?
[14:51] Smoke Wijaya: yep
[14:51] Industria Dowler: Ok, got it.
[14:51] Smoke Wijaya: I think we agreed to that earlier on, didn't we?
[14:51] Industria Dowler: Just making sure.
[14:51] Smoke Wijaya: yeah we did
[14:51] Smoke Wijaya: ok :)