Friday, 19 February 2010

Exclusion, the Art of Arrogance, and Conservative Dogma

On the surface, being denied marriage or civil partnership rights seems absent justice; however, the true face of exclusion is much more than this, it is inhuman.  It's true face prevents an unmarried partner into the critical care unit to sit with the love of their life who is dying simply because of a lack of marriage certificate.  The true face has an ugly voice which would perpetuate the idea that love which cannot be understood through strait pretense is an abomination.  It is this monstrous face which although hideous does not come close to illustrating possible death penalties in Uganda, lack of civil rights in the United States, and a movement in the Philippines which would disallow groups representing the LGBTI from the political process.  This face has two key elements in its construction that being arrogance and a complete lack of empathy towards others. 

What is that ingredient mixing within our psychological make-up which prevents listening and condones intrusion into the lives of others? One of the key influences here is fire and brimstone, that powerful tool which goes well beyond man to a higher power. It is the idea that God may hate an individual or send someone to the deepest pits of hell if one shows even a mere ounce of respect towards the LGBTI community.   It is this Dogma of hate, intolerance, and ignorance for which is all to common in an ideology which seems to have less to do with religion and more to do with power differentials which create minorities and subgroups the likes of which can be ignored or silenced.  It is the saddest sort of irony when a group of people so often self-labeled as supporters of social justice often fall short of such a task when it is something that makes them uncomfortable.

Just a disclaimer here, there are several churches who do indeed fight for the rights of the LGBTI community such as some Lutheran Churches, Congregational, and Universal Unitarian.  If any have been forgotten, it is strongly encouraged to post this as a comment. And although I cannot speak for the entire LGBTI community, my personal thank you goes out to these Churches and organizations who do support Queer Human Rights.  

Next Monday, at 12 Noon SL time the LGBTI SLLU will be meeting at the Flagg.  As a group, our goal is to actively work towards human rights and safety issues for the Queer community world wide.  Please consider joining us.  You do not have to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, inter-sexed or transgendered.  Really, all you need is to be a supporter of this community with the desire to make change.

One of the first tasks we have been charged with is to find an event or activity for which we could raise awareness about LGBTI issues around the world as well as to have a little fun.  What we have proposed is a mass gay wedding. We are seeking groups and individuals who would like to be involved in this event, musicians, artists, and of course anyone who would like to help and support.  

Those who would like to be married during this even please send a note card to UndoneChaos Enoch.  Please note that your reasons for getting married during this event may be either political or general love.  This is an awareness event, and your reasons as well as your ideology are your own, and will not be questioned.  We do ask that all participants be respectful after all, that is kinda the point.  

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Ms Q said...

Love the advertisement at the end of the first video!

I attend Unitarian Universalist churches in both RL and SL ( for the SL one). The Quakers and United Church of Christ are also welcoming. Some Presbyterian, Methodist, and even a few Baptist churches are accepting but not most of them.