Thursday, 18 February 2010

SLLU General Membership Meeting - 18 February, 2010

Today's meeting dealt primarily with two issues.

-- We discussed the importance of having more premium members donate tier to the SLLU Hub group, so as to ensure the security of our current land holdings in SL. One problem, it was suggested, is that many premium members of the group may not realize that there is really no "cost" to them to do so, and may, additionally, not be very clear on how tier works.

It was decided that a notecard, briefly explaining the tier system, the importance of these donations to the SLLU, and the means by which tier can be donated, should be written and circulated among the general membership as a way of addressing this problem.

-- We discussed, briefly, the upcoming SLLU Birthday Party on Sunday. The key theme of this discussion was "get the word out!" Bring friends, family, and anyone who isn't actually bolted down to the terrain: this is going to be an enormously fun occasion, and we want to share it with as many of our members, and friends of the SLLU, as possible!

The schedule for the party is posted below and on the SLLU Feminist Network blog; individual events are also listed in the SL Events page.

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