Monday, 11 July 2011


Any funds SL Left Unity receive over L$50k will go to the fund, which will be handed over to for RL educational projects in Afghanistan in mid August.  RAWA is an Amnesty International supported  NGO, set up by women of Afghanistan. 

Come to our yard sale - loads of great quality items for cheap!  And ALL proceeds go to to help in educational projects in Afghanistan.  

The RAWA fund, stands as of today at L$132k - over $500 USD/ £300.  $1 pays for a childs education for a month - so come on, help in this education revolution in Afghanistan!

To donate to RAWA - please visit the YARD SALE where there are fantastic quality cheap stuff and freebies!  Or give a payment to the RAWA funds avatar, inworld, to RAWAFUNDIE Resident.

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