Sunday, 19 February 2012

SLLU Newsletter

September "Event" 

 We are going to plan a huge event for September - It is the 6th birthday of Left Unity in SL. This event will raise money for Amnesty and RAWA and also celebrate all of the organisations in SL who challenge the current Capitalist inversion of socialism - ie socialism for the rich - and further impoverishment of the working and poor. Please contact me Plot Tracer if you want to get involved!


 Our funds are at L$50,000 We have donated L$6974 to RAWA We pay L$150 per week for listing the Red Star Bar, L$50 per week for listing the Feminist Movement, L$50 per week for listing our book depository, L$50 per week for listing the SLLU Village, L$50 per week for listing Unity station and L$50 a week for listing the Wall Against Homophobia. = L$400 per week. You can donate at donation prims scattered throughout SLLU village.

 Land and Tier 

 Comrades- it is clear that a lot of SLLU land is going unused. If you are a group or activist individual who could use the land to educate agitate and organise, please contact Plot Tracer with a proposal! IM or email (email more likely to reach me - )

 Comrades - if you are paying for SL, could you add any of your unused tier to our group land and money tab? This is free for you to do - you are only adding tier you are paying for that you are not using. This allows us to maintain our village and offer it to comrades to use for education/ activism for free.

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