Saturday, 15 December 2007

Klaatu's final report from Bali


"We will go forward and join consensus", announced US delegate Paula Dabrinsky.
And so, the Climate Change talks have ended with agreement after the US finally conceded to the wording of the document after pleas from other nations.

At least, that's how the mainstream media is reporting it!

The TRUE breakthrough, as witnessed by me, happened a few hours earlier when China and India confronted Conference organisers with threats that they were going to walk out of the talks.
They had just discovered that their Indonesian hosts were rushing through the final 'decision-making' meeting while closed-door talks were still going on with developing nations at another venue!
China and India angrily accused the organisers of manipulating the conference processes and demanded that the plenary (decision-making) session be delayed until talks with the developing nations were completed.
When this news was revealed several shocked delegates rushed out of the meeting, presumably to find out why they were being asked to make a final decision while crucial talks were still in session elsewhere.

The most important sections of the final document are: that UN scientific advice WILL be included in the agreement, that developed countries must cut emissions by the year 2020 and that clean energy technology will be freely shared with the developing world.

Where to now?
This final agreement heralds the start of two years of discussions leading to a worldwide pact addressing the problem of global warming.
The Treaty, at the end of these 2 years of negotiations, will take effect in 2012 and will replace the Kyoto Protocol.

At last, we are witnessing the birth of a Global Warming Treaty for Earth.
It's going to be a long and painful process but all the birthing instruments are in place and we are now ready to proceed with the delivery.
Vigilance and resolve will be needed over the next few years to ensure we end up with a Treaty that will save our planet.

But history will record that it was the last-minute intervention by the 2 largest developing nations that may have saved the human race!

- Klaatu out.

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