Saturday, 15 December 2007

SLLU member Klaatu reports direct from Bali climate change conference - plus - sign the online petition now!

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Now read the article from SLLU member Klaatu Congrejo who has sent this report from direct Bali:

Latest from the Climate change Conference.
Its past midnight here in Bali and the conference is continuing into the night to try and find some consensus on deadlines for carbon imission limits. The USA is, once again, proving to be the main stumbling block on the road to consensus for global emission targets - with some qualified support from Canada and Japan.

From your reporter on the ground - what is REALLY going on here in Bali?

The media is deperately trying to find a win/lose story at the moment, but the reality is that there won't be one (unless it all collapses in a big heap at the end of the day).

At this very moment (almost 1am, 15th December) talks are continuing into the night to try and achieve some kind of consensus at these talks and in all probability it looks like there will be some kind of 'draw' declared with no solid agreement on the table but with everyone still 'committed' to the process - which is quite a desperate scenario considering the urgency of the situation!

So, before I leave Bali and return home to Australia tomorrow, the talk in the corridors here is as follows.....

1. Everyone is committed to doing a deal but there are still major differences.

2. Some of the larger developing countries will talk about what contribution they can make in reducing carbon emissions, but they want meaningful talks on technology tranfers from rich countries in return. This is opposed by the US, EU, CANADA and JAPAN.

3. The US is trying to get support for its own climate talks process, outside of the UN, which involves voluntary actions by what it calls 'the big emitters'.

4. Australia appears to be weak in these discussions, despite the resolve of the new Labor administration, because it hasn't had time to communicate its new strategy. This has resulted in Australia being either silent in the discussions or moderately obstructive.

5. The Saudis are trying to insert language into the text that will allow for 'compensation' for lost oil revenue.

6. Even though the EU is taking a progressive role in the talks its feared that they will be outplayed by the US in these final hours.

7. Small (mainly Pacific) island States are demanding and begging for radical and urgent action - but it appears their pleas are falling on deaf ears!

With a little over 12 hours before my flight leaves Bali I will file another report just before take-off when I hope I will be able to relay some better news.

-Klaatu Congrejo.

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