Friday, 21 March 2008

A building for you to fill!

I have built a new (is new, but doesn't look like it) tower block for the SLLU hub. It rises 9 proud floors up into the skies of Oculea. The ground floor will be used for SLLU exhibitions, the top floor for meetings and maybe even some partying from time to time, but the other 8 floors need to be filled by you. Yes, you.

The space is available at no charge for all NGO's, left and protest groups et cetera. So please try and contact as many groups as you can, in Second Life, but also in the meataverse, and tell them of this opportunity.

The land isn't that big so the amount of prims available won't be huge, but I'm sure there's enough to get a message across.
Contact Plot Tracer, Higgledpiggle Snoats or me to get a space in the building. If you need something built or designed for the building I'll be glad to help out too.

More on my blog.

I hope the building will be filled soon!

Tooter Claxton

P.S. I made an artwork for the for the International Justice Center at Justice Commons that you maybe will enjoy. It's the one that has a couple of cctv's around it and makes a lot of racket :)

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1 comment:

rikomatic said...

I love your submission to for the art gala! One of my favorite pieces there. Thanks for participating.