Wednesday, 12 March 2008

UK citizens being sent back in time

Comment by Plot Tracer

You know the score. fuedalism was replaced by capitalism and the future holds socialism and then communism... modernity.

Well, some posh nutter in the UK has suggested that school pupils should swear allegiance to a privaledged lady, who has been playing the benefits system for all its worth for years. It turns out that this old woman and her family, who everyone thought was a bit of joke and a tad old fashioned in our "democratic" world, actually has power. Click here to read about that.

Anyway, Liz, thats her name, has a few fans who like to bow and scrape to her. The odd thing is they want the rest of us to succumb to their weird fetish.

this is the Daily Mash take:

Recent uses of the Royal Prerogative in the UK and the Queen's commonwealth -


The governments of the United Kingdom, and of Canada, have used Royal Prerogative to deny passports to citizens whom the US government had held, and released, from the American prison in the US Naval base at Guantanamo Bay. Martin Mubanga, who has joint citizenship with the United Kingdom and Zambia is one of the British citizens denied a passport. Abdurahman Khadr was denied a passport by the Canadian government.
In the UK, biometric passports, which Andrew Burnham MP recently admitted were the first step towards British national identity cards, are being legislated under Royal Prerogative. It is expected that biometric passports will introduce a database similar to the National Identity Register, including unique NIR numbers for every British citizen.
In the case of Chagos Archipelago islands, in 2000, the English High Court ruled that a local Ordinance made by the Commissioner of the British Indian Ocean Territory exiling the islanders was unlawful, a decision which was accepted by the British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook. Subsequent to this decision, the British Government attempted to achieve the same objective through use of the royal prerogative; a strategy which was also found to be unlawful by the High Court. On May 23, 2007, the Court of Appeal of England and Wales affirmed the lower court's decision.

Would be interested to know what the rest of the world think of this undemocratic system...

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