Wednesday, 5 March 2008

US seeks terrorists in web worlds

This article was drawn to my attention by another SLLU member.
Another offensive article on the net from an organisation pretending to be neutral. It seems the BBC accept the US conjunction between “Islam and Terrorism”.
Anyone else here find this offensive?
“It was inevitable that terror groups would make greater use of the internet and the possibilities that virtual spaces offered them, said Mr Jones.
"There's more a chance of things like Jihad worlds coming online in the next five years I think," he said.”

“"I think its highly unlikely terrorists would use things like Second Life or World of Warcraft as they do not have the necessary security," said Mr Jones.”
So there you have it – Jihadists will not infiltrate SLLU… jeez. Disgraceful journalism IMHO.

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Forelle Broek said...

Juan Cole recently had a good take-down of the whole "Terrorists Are In Ur Virtual World" hysteria.

Second Life Left Unity said...

Hi Forelle! Could you post a link?

Forelle Broek said...

The link should be in my initial comment, in the words "Juan Cole". But here it is in case the HTML is messed up: