Tuesday, 1 April 2008



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eric said...

These corporate pronouncements are not to be taken seriously. As Tom Frank illustrated years ago in work like Why Johnnie Can't Dissent and The Conquest of Cool, the corporate world has long since appropriated the lingo of "revolution", "smashing hierarchy", and the like as an effective means of maintaining its hegemony and neutralizing any truly counter-hegemonic or counter-cultural movement.

Linden Labs are no more interested in "a non-hierarchical system which fosters and rewards creativity, individual initiative, and interactive participation" than General Motors/Saab are interested in letting you "find your own road". They're just "turning rebellion into money" (to quote the only band that once mattered).

Plot Tracer said...

Yip - similar post on the secondlifeherald.com - was it yours?

""We also seek clarification on whether you have any kind of user data privacy and protection policy in place, where conversations or actions are deleted and will not be given over to marketing companies, corporations, courts or Governments? We have concerns that if not, that the collection and storage of user data could be open to massive and intrusive misuse."

Do they? Will they send a reply? This is amazing stuff.

It is strange that most people have concentrated on the branding rather than the privacy issues.

People here are all to easily giving up rights to freedom our grandparents fought for in WW2 and our parents trembled about during the cold War.

We are all to easily sliding into the state of;
War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength"