Sunday, 27 April 2008

Minutes of Meeting 26 4 08

Please - if you are a member of the Second Life TRADE MARK (because we can be hit with lawyers etc - not because we think TM's are a good thing - in fact scroll down for more details...) community, and are interested in helping with any of the tasks outlined by the minutes, please contact the coordinator named. Thanks.



Hub Library – future meeting coordinator: Ms Qunhua

Volunteers: Kerri Macchi; Franz Carver; Eremia Woodbury; Forelle Broek; Ms Qunhua; Higgledpiggle Snoats


Freebie Shop – future meeting coordinator: Eremia and Higs?

Volunteers: Eremia Woodbury, Higgledpiggle Snoats; Velvetvamp Fredriksson;

Eremia to send out notices over the next period to ask for contributions.

Higs to organise a teeshirt making workshop as part of a future workshop programme?

Teeshirt with political quote of the week – Forelle going to get some good quotes.


Freirien Hub Installation – future meeting coordinator: Plot Tracer

Volunteers: Plot Tracer; Higgledpiggle Snoats; Franz Carver; Ms Qunhua; Kerri Macchi;

Additional volunteers: Goldfinch Weatherwax; Wanessa Gazov; RGuilherme Zapedzki

Plot to put out a notice to the Group asking for volunteers.

MAY DAY – coordinator: forelle Broeks;

Volunteers: Forelle Broeks; Plot Tracer (tho after talking to Johninnit Ni will leave it to the other comrades who volunteered….quote: [10:19] You: i will put all we have discussed to him and see what he thinks. is that ok? i will then tell forelle the outcome, and i think we should then leave it to forelle, velvet and ms q to do as they see fit.); Velvetvamp Fredriksson; Ms Qunhua;

Suggestion from Velvetvamp Fredriksson: SLLU Teeshirt for May Day (could someone design and put out to group?)

All members supportive of Union Island. All members welcome Union Islands offer of a notecard giver in their installation

Ideas: 2 minute silence for victims of capitalism. A short short talk on the Haymarket massacre (first May Day in 1886 in Chicago)

Next meeting: Wed 30 April; 12.30 pdt/ 8.30 gmt.

Minutes to be endorsed at next meeting.

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