Friday, 26 September 2008

Chatlog of SLLU meeting 25 09 08

Meeting 25 09 08


Plot Tracer
TheEvil Chemistry
Palmindan Whybrow
Ledoof Constantineau
lionon Babii
Barillo Kohnke
Tenzou Yokosuka
maio1234567890maio Porta
Tenzou Yokosuka
Forelle Broek
Eln Alter
Bruce Radek
Ripscratch Zanzibar
Imper Fegte
Smoke Wijaya

Plot Tracer: ok - I think we will begin Can i ask is it ok if i am the convenor for this meeting?
[14:09] TheEvil Chemistry: sure
[14:09] Palmindan Whybrow raises his hand in approval
[14:09] Ledoof Constantineau: aye that's fine
[14:09] lionon Babii: its ok
[14:09] Barillo Kohnke: ok
[14:10] Plot Tracer: cool. OK. There are a few people here who are new to SLLU. thanks for coming along. I have called this meeting in order to reinvigorate the original concept of SLLU - and that is left unity.

[14:11] Plot Tracer: This group has, in the past, had a history that has taken it out odf SL and into RL - in the worlds press and on television news etc. We have led and been part of many famous fights in SL... ot least the fight against fascism but these kinds of actions are now more difficult to make the points they have in the past. Perhaps the last big victory we have helped in was the IBM strike - a great victory for Union 2.0.

[14:13] Plot Tracer: I want to first say that SLLU is not my organisation. I am not a leader. I helped set it up - but the leaders of this org are you and me - ie. the members.
So you and I need to decide what it's future shall bring. what is it for?

[14:14] Plot Tracer: So, I leave the floor open to comment.
[14:14] Plot Tracer: is an sl left unity group needed?

[14:16] Palmindan Whybrow: okay well i tend to think political action and discussion in SL should be to inform and compliment political action in RL
[14:17] Palmindan Whybrow: so i like the suggestions at the start of the agenda

[14:17] Palmindan Whybrow: i tend to think 'all of the above'

[14:17] Forelle Broek changes out of his antique suit and into something more comfortable!
[14:18] Plot Tracer: Anyone else like to add their thoughts?
[14:18] Barillo Kohnke: it's sure that an active and strong group of left activists is needed discuss but also to coordinate initiatives..
[14:18] Tenzou Yokosuka: umm..
[14:19] Tenzou Yokosuka: no.
[14:19] Plot Tracer: what kinds of initiatives, Barillo?
[14:20] Palmindan Whybrow: to be honest i'm not aware of what kind of political initiatives have happened in SL
[14:20] Palmindan Whybrow: but i tend to think of the World Social FOrum movemnet

[14:20] Palmindan Whybrow: as a good example of how activists from around the world can get together to discuss and arrange political activity
[14:20] Plot Tracer: Pal - if you go to the sllu blog, and go back in time, you can see what we have been involved with
[14:20] Palmindan Whybrow: okay will definitely do that
[14:21] Tenzou Yokosuka: well
[14:21] Tenzou Yokosuka: im off
[14:21] Plot Tracer: ok bye tenzou - thanks for your input.
[14:21] TheEvil Chemistry: k
[14:21] Barillo Kohnke: mmh...I was thinking about campaigns, or mobilizations. But also monitor the presence of offensive nazi actions, as we've seen in the past
[14:21] Plot Tracer: ok
[14:22] Palmindan Whybrow: yeah totally agree on the anti nazi stuff
[14:22] Plot Tracer: Is anyopne here involved in rl left organisations?
[14:22] Forelle Broek raises his hand
[14:22] Palmindan Whybrow: yup i'm in respect renewal but mainly active in single issue campaigns like stop the war and the venezuela information centre
[14:23] Palmindan Whybrow: i tend to think its those worldwide issues that are good for SL activity
[14:23] Barillo Kohnke: yes plot, in the rl I'm a left organization and in a union
[14:23] Forelle Broek: I work with the IWW on super-secret labor organizing in the deep underbelly of America
[14:24] Plot Tracer: cool, pal. I am in the Scottish Socialist Party and am also active in my union and with Cuba solidarity, cnd, IWW and WDM to lesser degrees.
[14:24] Forelle Broek: (of, kidding about the super-secret part)
[14:24] Palmindan Whybrow: good stuff
[14:24] Plot Tracer: lionon?
[14:24] lionon Babii: yes
[14:24] Plot Tracer: theevil?
[14:25] TheEvil Chemistry: idk
[14:25] Plot Tracer: are either of u active in rl?
[14:25] TheEvil Chemistry: I forget why I'm even in this group, but I was bored and this was going on, so I came
[14:25] Ledoof Constantineau: lol
[14:25] Palmindan Whybrow: haha
[14:25] Plot Tracer: ok. thanks theevil
[14:25] TheEvil Chemistry: np
[14:25] Eln Alter: POOOOOOOOKEMON! >:O
[14:26] Plot Tracer: eln - are u active irl?
[14:26] Eln Alter: yes
[14:29] Palmindan Whybrow: okay so i'm quite interested in the different areas we can achieve unity
[14:29] Palmindan Whybrow: i think my main interest is in anti-imperialist work
[14:29] Barillo Kohnke: so Plot, what about the first point ? what is the scope of this renewed sllu ? which main goals to reach ?
[14:29] Plot Tracer: OK. I called this meeting for a number of reasons, one was to ascertain if SLLU is needed. I have invested - financially - heavily in this group, and have felt this financial undertaking has become less needed. During our fight against the Front National, SLLU was essential. It has, in my opinion, become less so as time has gone on, as it is quite obvious that only a few people make up the active membership. As i said I am not a leader. I would like to give this group over to the membership to decide what to do with.
SLLU is not an operating group at the moment - and wont be until members take control of it.
So - the remit must be decided by members - and then carried out by members.

[14:31] Palmindan Whybrow: but also being a left group we can achieve unity on economic issues
[14:31] Palmindan Whybrow: yeah i agree plot its all about what people are wanting to do
[14:32] Plot Tracer: it cannot exist if members are waiting from the next edict from Plot or Higs or eremia.
[14:33] Ledoof Constantineau: i think there's scope for sllu being all of the things you outlined in the agenda
[14:33] Palmindan Whybrow: yeah
[14:33] Ledoof Constantineau: it's always easier when there's a cause of sorts to organise activism around
[14:33] Barillo Kohnke: yes, I agree
[14:33] Ledoof Constantineau: maybe that's partly why it's been quieter of late. it's great that everyone is here, shows there's an appetite for.. something.. lefty :)
[14:34] Palmindan Whybrow: absolutely
[14:34] Plot Tracer: SLLU has been quiet of late because I have been offline and Higs has left and eremia is on holiday...
[14:34] Forelle Broek: So one possibility might be that SLLU has an ongoing existence more as a network, with activity as specific things arise?
[14:35] Plot Tracer: SLLU has become a bit of an empty vessel - not many others stepping forward with issues - and lets face it in todays world there are many...
[14:35] Ledoof Constantineau: absolutely. maybe the first thing is getting people together- getting a chance to talk- get the group energised- see what we're all passionate about- interested in, in rl
[14:36] Bruce Radek: I'm new to this.What is the paper membership?
[14:36] Plot Tracer: The paper membership is over 300 - but quite a few of those were recruited during the fight against the FN - and for a lot of people this was their only reason to be in sl.
[14:36] Barillo Kohnke: sorry plot to hear that... the participation is a problem for many good groups. But if you promote good actions, and you stimulate a good discussion, people will understand the importance to be here and to be part of a big common goal
[14:37] Plot Tracer: but barillo - there is the rub. you said, "you promote".
[14:37] Barillo Kohnke: we
[14:37] Plot Tracer: SLLU is a LEFT UNITY group. not my group.
[14:37] Palmindan Whybrow: i think i'd be very happy if what i got out of this was a connection with people who were either doing or interested in doing similar work to me, and starting a discussion about the best ways of organising and on the issues around those areas of work
[14:37] Palmindan Whybrow: especially in other parts of the world
[14:38] Plot Tracer: The only way for a left unity group to work is if people are as Ledoof says, getting together to share their thoughts etc.
[14:38] Ledoof Constantineau: yeah pal, i think that's a great way to start
[14:38] Palmindan Whybrow: so i guess i'd like to work towards that goal and work out what can be done in SL to attract those people
[14:38] Ledoof Constantineau: and good just in itself in getting a chance to communicate with others with similar interests
[14:38] Palmindan Whybrow: absolutely
[14:38] Plot Tracer: good pal. I agree.
[14:39] Bruce Radek: I agree with Ledoof - just communicating and discussion is also userful
[14:39] Plot Tracer: But can i say - if people want these things to happen, they must lead from the front. SLLU should be a group of leaders - not one of passivity.
[14:39] Ledoof Constantineau: people being here is a great start
[14:40] Barillo Kohnke: with strong connections with rl initiatives, to attract more people
[14:40] Bruce Radek: What does that involve in practice, Plot?

[14:41] Plot Tracer: in practise, Bruce, it would mean SLLU moving to a more struictured organisation - that is at least, meetings were people propose actions / discussions etc and then following them through.

[14:40] Forelle Broek: I think to accomplish that, we'd need some kind of organizational structure
[14:40] Ledoof Constantineau: can i ask, and this is maybe a question for later, what sort of things people are up to in rl on the activism front. or what people's interests are
[14:40] Plot Tracer: it is good to see so many people, but at every meeting we call we get a good turn out... a lot of talk about what should happen and then silence until a meeting is called to talk about the same things.
[14:42] Palmindan Whybrow: yeah its the proposing of actions i'm looking forward to

[14:42] Forelle Broek: The problem, as Plot points out, is that between meetings, responsibility for group activity falls between the cracks, and we only meet again because Plot has been willing to take the initiative

[14:42] Forelle Broek: But it isn't fair to Plot, nor a good idea in principle, to operate that way

[14:44] Plot Tracer: ok - so forelle - what do you think we can do?
[14:44] Shrimpney Poultry is Online
[14:44] lionon Babii: stop the money system
[14:45] Plot Tracer: the sllu money system?
[14:45] Forelle Broek: Well, at a minimum, we need enough structure so that there is a way to distribute responsibility for the mundane aspects of keeping the group going
[14:45] Plot Tracer: yes
[14:45] Plot Tracer: if the group is needed.
[14:45] Forelle Broek: I suppose there are various ways -- an elected steering committee, a rotating system, or something else
[14:46] Plot Tracer: we have rotated and we have been adhoc
[14:46] Forelle Broek: well right -- that's the larger question -- do we need a persistent ongoing group
[14:46] Plot Tracer: the only thing we haven’t had is an elected group [nb – not quite true – we have elected members at meetings to carry out certain tasks]

[14:47] Ledoof Constantineau: it's going to be quite difficult for folks to elect people they don't really know
[14:47] Ledoof Constantineau: speaking for myself anyway
[14:47] Ledoof Constantineau: i don't know that many folks in sllu
[14:47] Forelle Broek: yes, I agree with Ledoof
[14:47] Palmindan Whybrow: i tend to think its better to work out what we want to do first, then work out how to do it
[14:47] Plot Tracer: well I personally think if people volunteer that is good enough for me.
[14:47] Forelle Broek: especially in a group like this, where the scope of "membership" is so ambiguous
[14:47] Plot Tracer: y
[14:48] Plot Tracer: ok. can i make a suggestion?
[14:48] Forelle Broek: sure
[14:48] Forelle Broek: (not that my permission is needed)
[14:49] Plot Tracer: ok - we move to the next parts of the agenda and then set a date/time for another meeting and we think about what has been said during this part of the agenda and come back with ideas?
[14:49] Palmindan Whybrow: yes!
[14:49] Palmindan Whybrow: totally agree
[14:49] Forelle Broek: sure
[14:50] Bruce Radek: But don't leave it too long.
[14:50] TheEvil Chemistry: aight dawg

[14:50] Plot Tracer: Can I ask someone else to take responsibility for organising the next meeting?
[14:50] Imper Fegte: I think the current crisis will suggest both action and organization
[14:51] Plot Tracer: would anyone like to volunteer?
[14:51] TheEvil Chemistry: I'll do the one after this next one.
[14:51] Forelle Broek hears crickets
[14:51] Palmindan Whybrow: i'm happy to do it in conjunction with someone who has been to a few before
[14:52] Plot Tracer: OK Pal - I'll help out with a view that I completely take a backseat next time.
[14:52] Palmindan Whybrow: sure thing
[14:52] Plot Tracer: ok - will we move to number two on the agenda?
[14:53] Plot Tracer: finance committee.
[14:53] Plot Tracer: SLLU has over 100000$L
[14:53] TheEvil Chemistry: That's over nine thousand.
[14:53] lionon Babii: wowwwwwww
[14:53] Palmindan Whybrow counts the 0s carefully
[14:54] Forelle Broek: I move we donate it all to help save the financial markets
[14:54] Plot Tracer: it has real costs for me -I pay about 15 dollars a month all in.
[14:54] Imper Fegte: lol
[14:54] TheEvil Chemistry: not it ALL
[14:54] TheEvil Chemistry: I mean, COME ON
[14:54] Plot Tracer: lets not flood the market with lindens please.
[14:54] Plot Tracer: that would cause hyper inflation...
[14:54] lionon Babii: hihni
[14:54] TheEvil Chemistry: The most I've ever had was 40000.
[14:55] Forelle Broek: Plot, can you just review what the expenses are, since not everyone here has been part of that conversation in the past?
[14:55] Plot Tracer: 6 1/2 pence is a lot of money here..
[14:55] Plot Tracer: ok
[14:55] Plot Tracer: can i report that to a finance committee and that means the finance committee can come to the next meeting with a run down?
[14:56] Forelle Broek: that sounds like a good idea
[14:56] Forelle Broek: And I'm even willing to serve on the finance cttee, as long as someone who can actually do maths also joins
[14:56] Plot Tracer: ok - who would like to be part of a finance group? - see agenda for remit (which can be altered if people want of course)
[14:57] Plot Tracer: i am willing to be on the finance committee.
[14:58] Plot Tracer: ok - it looks like u and i forelle. lets set up a time when u and i can get together and then we can report back to the next meeting.

[14:58] Plot Tracer: [AGENDA] number 3. and i think perhaps one of the most important things on the agenda. the SLLU Radical feminist discussion group
[14:59] Plot Tracer: Ledoof - would u like to take this bit?
[14:59] Ledoof Constantineau: first thing, and maybe the only thing on it for it tonight, is to check out if anyone is interested in participating
[15:00] TheEvil Chemistry: I am kinda
[15:00] Forelle Broek: I am
[15:00] Plot Tracer: any1 gynoid has said she would
[15:00] Plot Tracer: i would certainly like to help
[15:00] Plot Tracer: eremia has also emailed me to say she is interested
[15:00] Bruce Radek: say a bit more about it, Ledoof
[15:01] Bruce Radek: What will it discuss?
[15:01] Palmindan Whybrow: its something i very much support and think is necessary but also believe in womens' self organisation
[15:01] Ledoof Constantineau: there is no set agenda-this has come from brief discussion a few days ago- after plot had a tour of some of the places in sl
[15:02] Palmindan Whybrow: but if women are taking a lead role i'd be happy to help however i can
[15:02] Ledoof Constantineau: i guess the main thing initially is to see who's interested and then we can shape an agenda from there
[15:02] Ledoof Constantineau: that's great pal- and the others who've declared an interest
[15:03] Plot Tracer: to be fair it has to be noted that Ledoof has done a lot of work in the past in sl on the abuse of women on sl... and she has been involved in white ribbon.
[15:03] Ledoof Constantineau: i know that doesn't answer your question bruce- but i don't want to dicate what the content would be- it'd be great to folks together and see where they'd like to take it
[15:03] Bruce Radek: Ok. I'll wait to see

[15:04] Plot Tracer: ok - ledoof - can u set up a meeting and then send out a notice or two when u are ready to go ahead with it?
[15:04] Ledoof Constantineau: sure i'll do that

[15:04] maio1234567890maio Porta: I must to go
[15:04] Plot Tracer: cool.
[15:04] Plot Tracer: ok maio... thanks for coming comrade
[15:04] lionon Babii: me too
[15:04] Plot Tracer: see you lionon
[15:04] Barillo Kohnke: I will you tell tomorrow
[15:04] lionon Babii: its midnight over here
[15:04] Barillo Kohnke: ciao maio, thank you for coming
[15:05] maio1234567890maio Porta: the next meeting
[15:05] Plot Tracer: ok - np... nearly time for bed over here as well!
[15:05] maio1234567890maio Porta: well
[15:05] lionon Babii: meetings should be earlier
[15:05] Barillo Kohnke: right :-)
[15:06] maio1234567890maio Porta is Online
[15:06] Plot Tracer: lionon - we have people from across the atlantic and some members from australia as well who we try to
[15:06] Palmindan Whybrow: thanks maio :)
[15:06] Ledoof Constantineau: maybe we should go for number 5 first..
[15:06] lionon Babii: oh another pl

[15:06] Plot Tracer: the next part of the agenda is 4 Proposed future discussion on the current world Capitalist financial crisis
[15:07] lionon Babii: thats good
[15:07] Plot Tracer: ill be quick on this -it takes a decision... thats all
[15:07] Barillo Kohnke: wow ! I like very much this crisis
[15:07] Plot Tracer: it has been suggested by a member that we have a discussion/event on the crisis.
[15:09] Barillo Kohnke: too much money are coming from the american gov, so from the people, to save banks from their's incredible...
[15:09] lionon Babii: that is criminal
[15:10] Plot Tracer: keks would perhaps lead this discussion. the first suggested reading comes from her rl political group. the second comes from my rl political group. can we ok this and then keks will set it up?
[15:10] Ledoof Constantineau: sounds good
[15:10] Bruce Radek: Ok
[15:10] Palmindan Whybrow: um
[15:10] Barillo Kohnke: like the money spent for the wars... they can solve many problems in this world, but they prefer to use their bloody money to keep their power...
[15:10] Plot Tracer: pal?
[15:11] Palmindan Whybrow: i might have an issue with suggested reading
[15:11] Barillo Kohnke: sorry, i'm very angry on this point
[15:11] Palmindan Whybrow: maybe we could leave it open for people to suggest reading
[15:11] Plot Tracer: ok - it is only a suggestion lol - but what is your issue with the reading pal
[15:11] Palmindan Whybrow: rather than have an official suggested reading
[15:11] Bruce Radek: Yes - that's best.
[15:11] Palmindan Whybrow: and publicise whatever is suggested
[15:12] maio1234567890maio Porta is Offline
[15:12] Palmindan Whybrow: does that sound alright?
[15:12] Plot Tracer: yes. it was not meant as official reading - more an intro for people not familiar with some of the issues is all. but all suggestions would be welcome
[15:12] Plot Tracer: ok - will i ask keks to set that up?
[15:12] Palmindan Whybrow: absolutely
[15:13] Plot Tracer: barillo - would you also use your channels to advertise this - and the feminist network?
[15:13] Barillo Kohnke: sure
[15:13] Plot Tracer: cool

[15:14] Plot Tracer: can we go to number 5 - Future SLLU exhibitions and educational spaces.
[15:15] Plot Tracer: we have had a huge number of these in the past.
[15:15] Plot Tracer: with varying success.
[15:15] Ripscratch Zanzibar: looks like you guys are organised
[15:15] Plot Tracer: "you guys" - are you not part of this, rip?
[15:16] Ripscratch Zanzibar: i don't know, am i?
[15:16] Plot Tracer: the only way the sllu can organise is if lots of people get together and "do"
[15:16] Ledoof Constantineau: you're in rip ;)
[15:16] Ledoof Constantineau: (if you want to be)
[15:16] Ripscratch Zanzibar: are you trying to create a free and fair society?
[15:17] Plot Tracer: we are a left unity group made up of members who I would say on the whole are trying to do that
[15:17] Ripscratch Zanzibar: okay, i'll join
[15:17] Ripscratch Zanzibar: =]

[15:18] Plot Tracer: ok - sorry - rl issues. i have to go. can someone else do the last part of the meeting and then send me the chatlog?
[15:18] Palmindan Whybrow: i can convene for sure if there are people to talk about the bits of the agenda i dont know about

[15:19] Barillo Kohnke: I'd like to present you a global campaign that we are going to launch in the next days
[15:19] Plot Tracer: thankis pal
[15:19] Palmindan Whybrow: np
[15:20] Ripscratch Zanzibar: no worries
[15:20] Palmindan Whybrow: is this an idea for a space Barillo?
[15:20] Barillo Kohnke: see
[15:20] Barillo Kohnke: ehehe no
[15:20] Plot Tracer: please pass me on the chatlog - i am interested in being on the ents committee btw and i would like to help ledoof with a space that highlights the patriarchal abuse of women in sl. ok bye!

[15:20] Barillo Kohnke: we need support to organize a big event on union island, on 7th of october 2008
[15:21] Ledoof Constantineau: bye plot :)
[15:21] Ripscratch Zanzibar: bye, take care of yourself
[15:21] Ledoof Constantineau: hope all is ok
[15:21] Palmindan Whybrow: ta ra plot :)
[15:21] Plot Tracer is Offline

[15:21] Palmindan Whybrow: okay well i'm happy to take this as any other business and discuss now if everyone agrees
[15:22] Palmindan Whybrow: then we can go on to spaces

[15:22] Palmindan Whybrow: that looks briliant Barillo
[15:22] Ledoof Constantineau: it does!
[15:23] Barillo Kohnke: eh ?
[15:23] Palmindan Whybrow: so will you be having meetings to organise around this on SL?
[15:23] Ledoof Constantineau: the site you gave us to look at barillo
[15:23] Ledoof Constantineau: world day for decent work

[15:23] Barillo Kohnke: yes
[15:24] Palmindan Whybrow: i'll paste the english in for those that missed the link
[15:24] Palmindan Whybrow: On October 7 2008 the trade union movement is organising a World Day for Decent Work. This is an unparalleled opportunity for trade unions and organisations interested in Decent Work all around the world to join a broad global mobilisation involving a large number of people and a wide range of activities. A successful day will focus attention on the urgent need for a new globalisation. Palmindan Whybrow’re welcome to join in!
[15:25] Smoke Wijaya nods .. UNIglobalunion also contacted me about that....
[15:25] Ledoof Constantineau: what are the planned activities for this barillo? anything in sl?
[15:25] Barillo Kohnke: yes
[15:26] Barillo Kohnke: We will be wearing sandwich banners on our avatars and passing on note
cards in Second Life on October 7th.

Could you help join us and spread the word?
Meet us in SL, on Union Island, October 1st from 10 AM to 12 AM SLT – SL
Time (6-7 PM London UK time)
or October 2nd from 5 AM to 7 AM SLT (1-3 PM London UK time)
…so we can give you the equipment!

And join us then, October 7th from 6 AM to 8 AM SLT (2-4 PM London UK time)
to meet on Union Island and then head off to distribute note cards
More information? Contact “UNIglobalunion Oh” in SL or check
[15:27] Barillo Kohnke: Half of the world’s 2.8 billion
workers live on less than 2 USD a day. People should have the right to
bargain for wages and working conditions!
[15:27] Smoke Wijaya: I did wonder about the distribution of notecards "everywhere" .. lol .. don't you think that will costs some suspensions for spamming?
[15:27] Barillo Kohnke: might be... :-)
[15:28] Barillo Kohnke: but our goal is to spread the information and involve people for a real life impact
[15:28] Smoke Wijaya: yeah, I understand
[15:29] Smoke Wijaya: just wondering about the negative feelings these drama queens in SL can cause, negative towards the effort....
[15:29] Barillo Kohnke: I hope that sllu friends can support this campaign and help the organization...
[15:29] Smoke Wijaya: I will...
[15:29] Palmindan Whybrow: is there an SL group related to this?
[15:30] Palmindan Whybrow: or is it all done through UNIglobalunion?
[15:30] Smoke Wijaya: I did not think so...yes, the latter
[15:30] Palmindan Whybrow: ah okay
[15:30] Smoke Wijaya: "More information? Contact “UNIglobalunion Oh” in SL or check"
[15:31] Barillo Kohnke: mmmh.... the group unions 2.0 is involved
[15:31] Palmindan Whybrow: excellent
[15:31] Smoke Wijaya: ah, my excuses Barillo
[15:31] Palmindan Whybrow: well in that case a short discussion on how we can support this i think would be good
[15:31] Barillo Kohnke: but the main organization, I think, is coming from uni...but if you see there are many countries and organization involved
[15:31] Palmindan Whybrow: great
[15:32] Smoke Wijaya: need to go .. will keep track of this on website also .. bye
[15:32] Barillo Kohnke: thanks
[15:32] Palmindan Whybrow: would anyone be willing to take responsibility for the work SLLU does to support this?
[15:32] Palmindan Whybrow: or at least coordinate the members who want to do something
[15:33] Barillo Kohnke: let me know you interest. we will meet again in more specifically meeting in sl
[15:34] Barillo Kohnke: we will coordinate the activities from union island
[15:34] Ledoof Constantineau: could people who are interested maybe contact barillo? if he is involved in co-ordinating already
[15:34] Palmindan Whybrow: yes in that case i would recommend IMing Barillo and he will keep a note and let you know what is happening - does that sound okay?
[15:34] Barillo Kohnke: yes, thanks
[15:34] Palmindan Whybrow: yes Ledoof!
[15:34] Ledoof Constantineau: sounds grand
[15:34] Bruce Radek: I will take part.
[15:34] Barillo Kohnke: next meetings: October 1st from 10 AM to 12 AM SLT – SL
Time (6-7 PM London UK time)
or October 2nd from 5 AM to 7 AM SLT (1-3 PM London UK time)

[15:34] Ledoof Constantineau: i'd like to be involved barillo
[15:34] Barillo Kohnke: thanks Pal
[15:34] Barillo Kohnke: ok led ! great

[15:35] Palmindan Whybrow: next up is the discussion on spaces

[15:35] Barillo Kohnke: and thanks for the interesting discussion
[15:36] Palmindan Whybrow: okay Ledoof there's the space on the abusive promotion' of women

[15:37] Palmindan Whybrow: yeah
[15:37] Palmindan Whybrow: its just spaces and ents left
[15:37] Palmindan Whybrow: and i guess date of next meeting
[15:37] Ledoof Constantineau: yeah
[15:37] Palmindan Whybrow: its a shame most ppl have left it was quite a long agenda

[15:38] Imper Fegte: Is Plot stepping away from SLLU?
[15:38] Palmindan Whybrow: i'm thinking either we could postpone the rest til the next meeting
[15:38] Ledoof Constantineau: i don't think so, i think the idea is to spread the responsibility out a bit
[15:38] Ledoof Constantineau: that's fine by me palmindan
[15:38] Ledoof Constantineau: what do you reckon imper?
[15:39] Imper Fegte: I've been away for a few months
[15:39] Imper Fegte: things seem different
[15:39] Ledoof Constantineau: not much has been happening for a few months
[15:39] Palmindan Whybrow: okay well shall we note that Plot was willing to be part of Ents comittee
[15:39] Ledoof Constantineau: some people have left or are less involved i think
[15:39] Palmindan Whybrow: and i'd like to be involved with that too
[15:40] Ledoof Constantineau: ok pal
[15:40] Palmindan Whybrow: and perhaps the space on women can be part of the general discussion on radical feminism?
[15:41] Palmindan Whybrow: that okay?
[15:41] Ledoof Constantineau: could be. i think spaces might need to be agreed by the wider group too though. not sure
[15:41] Palmindan Whybrow: okay well maybe that group can make proposals for the next meeting?
[15:41] Ledoof Constantineau: hopefully be able to get people together
[15:42] Ledoof Constantineau: who took on to organise the next meeting?
[15:42] Palmindan Whybrow: that would be me with help from plot

[15:42] Palmindan Whybrow: so i'm happy to talk to him about setting a date and organising the agenda
[15:42] Ledoof Constantineau: cool
[15:42] Ledoof Constantineau: thanks palmindan
[15:42] Palmindan Whybrow: and shall we call the meeting close there?
[15:43] Palmindan Whybrow: closed even
[15:43] Ledoof Constantineau: anything else you wanted to raise imper?
[15:43] Imper Fegte: No, nice meeting you folks
[15:43] Ledoof Constantineau: yeah you too :)
[15:43] Palmindan Whybrow: you to imper :)
[15:43] Ledoof Constantineau: hopefully this is sllu restarting
[15:43] Imper Fegte: good time for it.
[15:43] Ledoof Constantineau: defo
[15:44] Palmindan Whybrow: yeah i hope so too

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