Monday, 22 September 2008

DRAFT AGENDA (will be finalised on Wednesday)

Anyone with other suggestions for the agenda, please contact Plot Tracer inworld, or email

Thanks to all who have contributed so far.

The Agenda will be finalised on Wednesday night, as will the time.

Agenda -suggested time - Thursday 25 September 2PM PDT (10pm GMT)

1 15 minute discussion on Second Life Left Unity

Suggested discussion notes:

(i) Is a left unity group needed on SL? Why?
(ii)Should a left unity group be (a) a hub for different sects/shades/opinions of leftism to unite on mutual interests? (b) an educational group (c ) a group used to publicise other left activity (d) all of the above? (e) other ideas

Rest of Agenda.

2 Finance committee – elect a finance committee from the meeting (and others who express interest who cannot attend) – remit – to discuss the finances/ the upkeep of SLLU buildings etc. and report back to a future meeting on findings and present a roadmap for use of funds/ fund raising etc.


4 Proposed future discussion on the current world Capitalist financial crisis – Suggested reading –

Excellent book on the crisis -

Excellent analysis from Raphie De Santos. In these articles, Raphie predicts the fall of HBOS - and warns about other banks.

Raphie was head of Equity Derivatives Research and Strategy at Goldman Sachs International. He was an advisor on derivatives and financial markets to the Bank of England, London Stock Exchange, London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange and the Italian Ministry of Finance.

Raphie has been a guest lecturer on derivatives and financial markets at Harvard and New York universities and the London School of Economics and has spoken at the annual Nobel Foundation conference in Stockholm.

5 Future SLLU exhibitions and educational spaces.

Suggested spaces – (a) a space that highlights the patriarchal abusive “promotion” of women on SL (b) educational spaces ( c) the SLLU freebie shop

People suggesting anything that is ok'ed by the meeting need to lead a group in exploring and setting up these exhibitions/ spaces. There is space on the hub – and some donated land from various members that can be linked to the hub.

6 Entertainment nights – suggestions – (a) a blues night (RG) (b) a regular “nightclub” ran by Mike Mission (c ) a regular chillout night (Wildo Hofmann) (d) other suggestions

Ents committee?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Plot, I was requested to bring to SLLU an important campaign... it's called WDDW (World Day for Decent Work).
A support from all of the SLLU friends can be vey important on that day from
3:30 to 5:00 pm Swiss-Italian time on Union Island. We'll have t-shirts for
all and note cards to distribute!

Let me know, bye Davide (Barillo Kohnke)