Saturday, 29 November 2008

Appalachian Coal Camp

Imper Fegte with a suggestion of what to do with some of the SLLU land:
Living History Site
In 2007 I offered a sociology course that explored the potential of virtual worlds to affect social
change. As is the case with any technology, a culture that has virtual worlds can do things that were
not possible before the technology was implemented. Which reality is constructed, and the degree that
reality shapes future society, appears to be unusually placed in the hands of the users of the
technology-- referred to as the "residents". We have begun to explore the structures and processes
consistent with the development of a sense of agency among residents.
Thanks to the generosity of many, a "school" came into existence. This school very imperfectly
attempted to accept transformation of society through transformation of the actor as its educational
mission. Of course, it fell considerably short. None the less, some lessons were learned.
One was that it is important to create an experience with collective project design and construction. I
naively thought that that project could be the construction of the school itself. Eventually I recognized
that a separate project, taken on by the school, would produce a much cleaner constructivist experience.
I had been fascinated by historical lessons associated with a particular period of West Virginia history.
A while back, I imagined a RL living history site associated with a number of very dramatic events.
After introduction to Second Life, I imagined that I could create this "living" history site on Second
Life, and that that site would be the school. Now I see the site as the project that the school undertakes.
I'm pretty sure the lessons of history discernible from the West Virginia Mine Wars are consistent with
SLLUs mission. If the group agrees, I would propose using some available land to construct an
Appalachian Coal Camp as a Living History site.

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