Sunday, 2 November 2008

Summary of last nights debate on chatlog.

In further discussion of the SOS (Save Open Space) flap, in the SLLU Chat group on 11/1, we reached substantial agreement on how the issue should be addressed.

We should definitely avoid any support of, or identification with SOS, which is clearly a "Land Baron" dominated group.

The more exploitive predatory Land Barons should be identified and exemplified, as having ruined a good thing in Open Space, with their greedy cheating.

LL should be recognized for bringing a relatively progressive and good idea, in the Open Space project, but criticized for handling it incompetently, by leaving loopholes, and allowing those loopholes to be exploited over time by the more predatory Land Barons, and then abruptly cutting off the project in the manner they did, leaving those who were not abusing the project, and who most legitimately needed and achieved good results with the project, in the lurch.

It should be relentlessly pointed out that with more timely and thorough ongoing consultation with all SL residents effected, and also with a vote, to more clearly establish and clarify everyone's role and stake in the project, the problems that emerged could have been prevented, or much better dealt with.

This does not mean that we would support a Land Baron "council" that would have the special ear of LL, heh....If there is to be democratic decision making, it must include all SL residents, and not be based on how much they pay or "invest" in SL.

We should definitely support those who most legitimately benefited from the Open Space project, and have been most hurt by predatory Land Baron greed, and LL mishandling, especially including legitimate non-profits.

SL residents have a legitimate right and need for more affordable and aesthetically appealing land. Legitimate non-profits and private efforts that substantialy benefit SL residents should be eligible for very cheap or free subsidized resources.

Terms like "predatory" and "Land Barons", "abuse" and "legitimate", or "benefit to SL residents", etc need to be clearly defined in practical terms, which can only be done fairly and reasonably by popular democratic means, rather than by arbitrary decrees from LL.

We should also keep pointing out, that while not yet technically feasible, the Open Grid, and the means for reliable digital democracy are on the horizon, and that people should be looking forward to, preparing for, and working toward those highly desirable goals.

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