Sunday, 7 December 2008

SLLU past and future

The beginnings of SLLU have largely been documented on the web – rudimentary searches will show who was involved and how it developed. One article gives a basic – and not totally detailed – run down on the beginnings ( ). Wikipedia has at least three mentions of the group – one on Second Life Businesses; one on the page of the French Front National and one on the page of the Scottish Socialist Party. SLLU has been mentioned in quality press across the world – including the London Telegraph, Guardian and Los angeles Times and New York Times. Members have been interviewed on TV –CNN and British station, Channel 4 have both carried articles on the groups work. We have organised and been part of the organisation of various SL events – including being the initiators of the “attacks” on Front National; supported the first SL/RL “strike” which led to the resignation of the CEO of Italian IBM – amongst many others.

SLLU became more insular than originally planned because of wrecking tactics by some who joined with less than a “Unity” agenda. Unity on the left means a place we on the left can come together on things we can agree on and a place to discuss – comradely – things we may differ on.

The Aims and Principles of SLLU were developed by an active core of members who met over a periods of 8 weeks – with meetings going on well into the wee small hours here in the UK. Members of the core were drawn from countries across the world – well, countries reflective of the digital haves…

The SLLU, in order to continue as a real left unity project, must ensure it has procedures that ensure responsibility and accountability of members.

SLLU has developed from the insular group (and insulation was necessary to protect what had been built) to a group that has opened up to more members taking control. This has been reflective in the amounts of people who have requested use of notices and those who have organised meetings in SLLUnity Station Hub and those who now “own” the Hub. All lands have been passed on to the group – and no individual has control of any of the institutions of the group (except for the funds AV – which will soon pass on to two members agreed by a group meeting).

Procedures are necessary in light of the new openness of the group.

Once these have been achieved, SLLU can truly blossom.

The Hub will be used for discussion. It will be used for exhibition and educational installations – as well as the other lands we own. Members will share ideas and group together to implement them in SL and RL.

Plot Tracer is an avie who is part of this, but just a part. I have, with others, given a large part of my last two years to this project, but my time is increasingly being taken up with other rl things. I will be in and out of SL – but have not the time to devote to projects like I have been able to over the past few months. SLLU is extremely dear to me – and to others who have been part of the project. Now it is over to all those who would like to see a Left Unity project get results.

Remember, capitalists can unite on varied platforms in order to keep their hegemony. Let’s unite on various projects that throw a spanner in their works and moves the time closer when capitalism is a seen by all as old fashioned – and barbaric – in our history books alongside feudalism.

Plot Tracer, 7.12.08

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