Thursday, 11 December 2008

* HUMAN RIGHTS FESTIVAL * Grid-wide Awareness and Music Celebration

SLLU have hosted two of the events on the SL human Rioghts Festival Agenda - Russel eponym played a blinging set in the hub yesterday. Photos below. Ledoof Constantineau's exhibition continues - please visit -


THURSDAY 11th dec - Human Rights - Uthango™

8 am Human Rights discovery walk

9 am Thumper Boucher

10 am Sage Duncan

11 am Mash Rode

12 noon Rara Destiny

1 pm Peregrine Singh

2 pm Inchino Melson

3 pm Virtual Live Band (VLB)

4.15 pm Serene Bechir+guest (poetry reading)

Sim CONTACT: Alanagh Recreant, Aayia Jun


FRIDAY 12th dec - New Caerleon Human Rights Exhibit

8 -10 am UK Writers Guild and Bookstacks Poets and Writers Readings

10 am - 12 noon Jano Runo performs

Sim CONTACT: Sabrinaa Nightfire

HRF Exhibition Gallery Zeusdinne

12 noon - 1 pm Blair Blonde

1 - 2 pm to be determined

Sim CONTACT: Zeusdinne Baroque

New Caerleon Human Rights Exhibit

4 - 5 pm Thumper Boucher

5 - 6 pm OhMy Kidd

6 - 8 pm Angelnskyz Galicia and Dougie Moonites

Sim CONTACT: Sabrinaa Nightfire

HRF Exhibition

8 - 9 pm and 10 pm to midnight

Thoth Jantzen´s incredible video experience

Sim CONTACT: Thoth Jantzen


SATURDAY 13th dec Human Rights Festival

Keeping Kids Safe - Fundraising

11 am Pasty Petrov

12 noon Ricken Flow DJ

1 pm Jano Runo

2 pm Kitzie Lane

3 pm Jaycee Slade DJ

4 pm Nick99 Razor

5 pm Sequoia Pinion

6 pm DJ HUSH

7 pm Johnny Kidd (comedian)

8 pm Darrius Bereford

9 pm Bassie Shelman

Sim CONTACT: Carmen Gray


07:00 - Maximillion Kleene

07:30 - Cylindrian Rutabaga

08:00 - Ayden Kruh

08:30 - Vladamir Lamont

09:00 - Peregrine Singh

09:30 - Enniv Zarf

10:00 - Franklee Anatra

10:30 - Jonas Lunasea

11:00 - OhMy Kidd

11:30 - Freestar Tammas

Sim CONTACT: Freestar Tammas


SUNDAY 14th dec PeaceTrain/Twilight´s Peace Human Rights Festival

7-9 am Sammy Jacobs Abbey of the International Center for Conflict and Human Rights Analysis (ICCHRA) - by skype from Ghana

SIM Contact: Siri Vita


9am slt Fodie Crosby - Live Music!

10am slt Joaquin Gustav - Live Music!

11am slt Edward Kyomoon - Live Music!

12 noon slt Allister Westland - Live Music!

1 pm slt Pillowfish - Live Music!

theRings/CARP Human Rights Festival performance 14 dec

2 pm theRings Performance

3 pm theRings Discussion

Sim CONTACT: junivers Stockholm, Velazquez Bonetto


PeaceTrain/Twilight´s Peace Human Rights Festival

4 - 5 pm Al Hofmann

5-6pm SLT - Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth


6:00- 7:00 pm - Human Rights Discussion

7:00 - 8:00 pm - Improvisational Piano with Enniv Zarf and artist Texanna Schumann



8 am Philip Jennings, General Secretary of UNI Global Union,

(the international federation for unions in business services representing around

20 million people around the world) is hosting a presentation and discussion on

labour rights, Zuzanna Gorska (Solidarnosc), Owen Tudor UK TUC

Contact: Johninnit Ni

MONDAY 15th dec HRF Cupid

4 am Mia Maxsted

9-10 am Vienna James

10 am Fodie Crosby

11.30 am Mats Milev

1 pm Xander Nichting

2 pm ZeroOne Paz

3 pm TJ Oanomochi

4 pm AL Hofmann

5 pm Eio Tuqiri

Sim CONTACT: Edemon Gausman, Bailarin Franciosa

Human Rights Festival Sandbox

Join "the rings discussion group"

Build you own Human Rights Art

Sim CONTACT: Edemon Gausman, Bailarin Franciosa


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