Tuesday, 23 December 2008

SLLU Membership Meeting, 21st Dec 08

The Meeting of 21st Dec 08 decided:
( attendants: Plot Tracer, Smoke Wijaya, Jamadagni Lefavre, Demo Ho, Coop Cascarino, Brotherjim Jonesford, Ms Qunhua, Ernest Newman, Frew Lovenkraft, Socrates Nightfire, Xulio Pessoa)

-on weekly Membership Meetings, every sunday, 2 pm SLT, Unity Station;

-on SLLU Alecto, SLLU Funds Account, to have a second person able to access it, next to Plot, namely Forelle Broek;

-on Feminist space. Feminist Network of SLLU can use land of SLLU for this: non-used parcel in Flagg, next to the place build in solidarity with the Greek Revolt;

-on having a promotional space for Indymedia (webbased and SL based Indymedia) at the Unity Station (on 2nd or 3d floor);

-2 Year Party for SLLU: we will aim for end Jan, early febr 09;

-need for SLLU to do something around the economic crisis, proposals will be discussed next meeting, Sun 28 Dec.

[If anyone wants a complete chatlog of this meeting, contact Plot or Smoke. Next meeting will be Sunday 28 Dec, 2 pm SLT, Unity Station.]

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