Friday, 15 April 2011

Slacktivist Calendar, Weekend of April 15

Art For Peace
Event: Art Exhibit
Topic: Anti-War Art Exhibit
Description: The Howard Zinn Center for Social Consciousness and the Arts presents an incredible exhibit of "War and Peace", featuring art by Filthy Fluno, Miso Susonowa, SLLU’s own Plot Tracer, and many more.
Date: April 16-17
Sponsor: Four Bridges 

Ingenuity in Harsh Living Conditions

Event: Discussion
Topic: Anti-War Art Exhibit
Description: Living and creative conditions of individual are becoming more and more limited and restricted. Public spaces are slowly but steadily withdrawing and making space for privatization, which is becoming a total social fact...How do you cope with that? We wanna know! Share your experiences and agency on weekly discussion with

Date: Sunday, April 17
Time:  1 PM SLT / 21:00 GMT

Sponsor: Four Bridges
Contact: Utsche Kira


Marxism vs. Anarchism
Event: Debate
Topic: Left-wing statism - a Marxist vs. an Anarchist view
Description: There will be a debate on the issue of leftwing statism, a Marxist view against an Anarchist view. The Marxist view will be represented by Czarny Zsun, while the Anarchist view will be championed by Mercurius Jacobus.

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