Thursday, 7 June 2007

Second Life Left Unity PRESS RELEASE

Photos of Cre-8 Garden and Demo at Linden Mansion
(Thanks to Dissdent Vollmar for some of these photos)

Over the past few days, groups on SL opposed to Globalisation have organised demonstrations against the G8, whom are at the present meeting in Rostock, Germany. There have been G8 demonstrations outside Reuters and other places. Tonight there will be a mass demo at the Linden Mansion.
SLLU have set up a "Tribute Garden" for people to go place either a flower, a candle - or a tribute of their own choosing on the site in memory of the millions of victims of globalisation
Isla Montevideo (41, 185, 32)
SLLU commend all of those who have organised and have taken part in these demonstrations against a cabal of self elected owners and distributers of the worlds assets. This cabal have tried to "sell" off some of the poorest countries water resources to the highest bidder. This is shameful and has led to demonstrations across the world.
A concerted effort by British campaigners has meant that Nepal's water system is safe, for now, from the profiteers.
Vicky Cann, the World Development Movement’s water campaigner said:
“Time and again water privatisation has failed to connect the poor in the developing world to affordable drinking water. That’s why the WDM joined campaigners from Nepal in calling for Severn Trent to withdraw from this contract.
“It is shocking to now learn, from media reports, that the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is threatening to terminate its multi-million dollar loan if the privatisation element of the project is not fulfilled. It is yet another blatant example of a donor trying to bully a poor country into doing what it wants. It is good to see that the minister in charge will not be railroaded by the ADB into privatising Kathmandu’s water supply before reviewing more options.”
Gopal Chintan, coordinator of the Water and Energy Users' Federation-Nepal said:
"People in Nepal are against multinational companies taking over Nepal's drinking water supply and we are pleased that Severn Trent has withdrawn its bid. What Kathmandu needs is public investment in its water supply and management - to cut the 40 per cent plus leakage rate and upgrade the water supply network served by the many small local rivers, springs and ponds,"
Second Life Left Unity

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