Friday, 17 June 2011



Live Music, comedy and Superb DJ's!  All at SLLU Village - SLURL HERE

10am-11am Shannon OHerlihy

Shannon McMahon is a singer/songwriter/ guitar player based in Stratford, CT. Music available on iTunes, CD Baby & MySpace

She  has been singing since she was a little girl, when she sang into her hairbrush along with Carly Simon records. When she was nine, she got her first guitar, and started writing her own songs at the age of ten. Inspired by the music of John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins and Bob Dylan, Shannon found her musical roots in contemporary folk.

11-12pm DJ Merriam Galaxy

soulful vocals, horns, and pounding rhytmn in a  jazzy, funky, reggae sort of groove.
Modern beats, Classic grooves....

12pm – 1pm Virtual Live Band
Good sounds from the international rockers. VLB Play their hearts out to help raise money for - a charity set up by women in Afghanistan. the organisation is anti-fundamentalist, anti-warlord, anti-war and pro education. Please come along! And donate - L$250 pays for one child's education for a month.

1pm-2pm DJ Astarte Haalan

"an all-female singer blues set"
I’ll be playing a set featuring women blues singers

2pm-3pm DJ Larkin Galaxy

""eclectic,  but that is vague, so I will say I have some pretty female singers like Marissa Nadler and Kristin Hersh,  some bluesy rock and roll (people like Wanda Jackson & Peter Case), and some punk (psychobilly mostly).  So if I had to sum it up it's bluesy punk and rock w/a bit of twang and a few heavenly voices to warm them up and slow them down at the end""

3pm-4pm Maximillion Kleene
The Misfits! The FREAKS! The Enemy! The You and Me!
...Those are the ones for me.
SL live musician...always checkin' out the live music scene;
The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye...
The story of love is hello and goodbye...
...until we meet again. -Jimi Hendrix

4pm-5pm Whirli Placebo
NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THE $!@# TO MAKE OF WHIRLI PLACEBO! Equally comfortable doing pop, folk, covers, pop, Irish, blues, 15th century ballads, he has a treasure chest of original tunes unmatched in sl. you never know what you're going to get with this dude, so come find out what he's going to be and do today. 99% Original, 1% WTF :p

5pm-6pm Senjata Witt
Senjata's sound is unique, spanning many music genres while remaining somehow aloof to the boundaries of popular styles. She incorporates influences of Celtic, Bluegrass, and western folk with a deep heart of blues, and what she defines as a primarily tribal soul, but her presentation is unpredictable, sliding as comfortably into smoky jazz as Canandian and Celtic traditional folk or Medieval ballad, and most recently, exploring the western and acoustic angles of Neo-Victorian Steampunk.

6pm-7pm Leo Voorhees
Live and unplugged streaming from Costa Rica, Leo is a talented singer in many languages (English, Spanish,Portuguese,and more). Leo's unique voice likened to that of smoker rocker, his raw and raspy sound can't be compared to any other! Dont miss this wonderful tour around world music filled with a lot of social conscience and deep lyrics.

7pm-8pm Rodolpho Teardrop
Billybob/Rodolpho gives his unique take on politics etc. The view from the deep south... the voice of the ornery 'merkan. Watch him on YOUTUBE

8pm-9pm Lazarus Doghouse
Lazarus Doghouse... Anticipate The Doors, Steve Earl, Tom Waits, rock and folk classics, basically some funky tales and tunes! He likes to keep the past fresh with his own interpretation. This RL Memphis musician understands that good songs are good stories.

9pm-10 - DJ Merriam Galaxy brings our day to the close with some cool choons and slammin' beats!

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