Sunday, 26 April 2009

SLLU - a place in Second Life for the Left

SLLU is a place for left radicals to meet on SL. As the capitalist system crumbles and the capitalists make the poor and working class pay for their failures and bonuses, SLLU – a Left Unity project – becomes even more relevant. People from across the world can meet and share their experiences of the fight for a fair world. SLLU is a place people across the globe can meet to coordinate fightbacks.

It is a space were left anti-capitalists can find what they agree on and act on these things. It is a group where different left groups can explain their program without prejudice.

The internet is an important meeting place to share views and to put alternative views across to people who have been confused by the neo-liberal double-speak we have been subjected to for thirty years. SLLU can bring groups of people together to coordinate blogs/emailings/websites/installations in Second Life.

The capitalist system of greed before people cannot solve poverty. The right wing new ideology of “thrift” is one of austerity not for the rich, but for the working class and poor. Let’s get this message out. Let’s meet in SLLU – let’s be part of the fightback.

To find out when SLLU meets, please contact Smoke Wijaya, Ledoof Constantineau or Zoe Parness.


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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Inside the Occupied Schools!

The Occupiers Speak! Richie Venton, Glasgowe Save Our Schools Organiser, in discussion with the women occupying St Gregory's Primary and Wyndford Primary in Maryhill, Glasgow.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Democrats Attack Republicans

Ernest Newman

US Democratic Party Propaganda Attacks Republicans

The US Democratic Party has taken off the gloves, in attacking Republicans for causing, and refusing to allow correction of, the present economic "collapse" ("oops...somebody goofed!", my ass).

Characterizing Republican looting of the Treasury, and anti-democratic obstructionist oppositionalism toward necessary changes, as a "hit and run" on the American people, with sirens sounding in the background, Democrats are no longer pulling their punches nearly as much.

In current commercial mass media ads being fielded against local and state Republican candidates, leading up to the pivotal 2010 and 2012 interim Congressional elections (when fully half of the House of Representatives, and all of the Senators, will be up for re-election, or replacement by more progressive candidates) the Democratic Party is hitting hard, with fighting words, against the Republican Party.

This is stronger rhetoric than we have previously seen on the national level. It basically is saying the Republicans should be arrested, and that they have left our nation reeling, like the lady victim of the hit and run (by a speeding red convertible, lol).

This is so much more sophisticated, than the crude proto-fascist Republican line, which is basically that the commie nigger bastard should be shot, and everyone who likes him, too. A rhetorical civil war is now underway, in the US.

The right is much harsher, more explicit, and more vicious in it's rhetoric and propaganda, aimed at provoking personal violence toward, and fear by "liberals", and everyone anywhere near or to the left of them. They threaten us with death.

Sarah Palins' close affinity with Joel's Army is bonechilling, once you look into the "Christian" cult plans to enslave and slaughter "non-believers". They are as whack as any Al Queda.

Of course, the Democrats aren't going there...yet. But they are standing up and slugging it out, at this point, more than they have done for a long time.

The Republicans are freaking out, insane with hatred and bile. They really are dangerous.

For the Democrats to attack the Republicans in this manner indicates that the Democrats feel emboldened by a surge of popular democratic sentiment against the Republican line and practice.

This is a good thing, even if the Democrats are merely fronting and posing. To the extent that more radical, progressive and determined elements in the Democratic Party are involved in pushing the contradictions within and between the parties, or become involved in this propaganda war, it could get interesting.

2010 and 2012 will be pivotal. They will make or break the Obama revolution, more or less. They will make the difference, between the all out chaos of full-blown civil war, or a sufficient popular democratic mandate, in terms of progressive plurality in the Congress, to quickly and effectively suppress the right wing reactionary conservative fundamentalist fascist counter-revolution.

LOL, you can laugh, nitpick and cuss all you want, but Obama does symbolically represent a genuinely revolutionary fundamental popular demand for real hope and change for the future, for justice and peace, to save the planet. This is the clear popular democratic mandate of his election.

It will not be denied.

All Power to the People!

Death to Capitalism, and it's moribund form, Fascism!

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