Saturday, 28 July 2007

Hiroshima Day


Here are details below of some events taking
place around Scotland on or around
Hiroshima Day. If you are
aware or planning any events in your local area,
feel free to let us know, as
this improves the efficiency in
publicising these events.

Inverness & Highlands

Sunday 5th August – in the evening down at the
River Ness there will be
floating of paper boats and birds on
Sunday afternoon shortly after 1pm from the
riverside gravel bank at Ness
Walk above the Infirmary Bridge.

There is also a bring-and-share picnic afterwards
if the weather is fine.
Also bring peace flags, peace-themed
paper boats if you can, or just bring yourselves
and your friends and relatives.

Contact details: David and Judith Jardine for
Highland JNW (tel. 01349 861144)


Ayrshire CND are organising a Day Of Remembrance
for the thousands of people
killed by the Nuclear
Weapons which were dropped on the Japanese cities
of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Today 50 years after,
thousands of people still suffer the effects of
radiation and unfathomable
emotional pain.

The Day Of Remembrance has been organised not
only to remember the people who
suffered but also to
campaign against the replacement of Trident Nuclear
Weapons and the threat to
humanity which is still
posed by Nuclear Weapons.

Details of the event:

Saturday 4th August, 2007
12 Noon in Bridgegate, Irvine

Street Stall and Vigil - 12 noon till 1.00pm

Peaceful Walk Back & Forward Through Irvine Mall -

Street Stall and Vigil - 1.30 - 2.00pm

If you wish you can wear something Black on the
Day - a tee-shirt, a jumper, a
jacket or a tie but this is
purely optional.

Contact details: Arthur West 07803 936228


Helensburgh CND are organising a ceremony to
commemorate the bombing of Hiroshima.
Please join us.
Bring candle lanterns to float. If you wish to
make any contribution to the
ceremony - maybe a poem, a
reading or a song please contact Jim Taggart on or
phone 01436 842242

Details of the event:

Hiroshima Day Candle Floating Ceremony

Monday August 6th.

Meet Helensburgh Pier 9pm


Hiroshima Commemoration, Paisley, Monday 6th
August, evening

We are planning a short ceremony in Paisley the
evening, details to follow, but
please keep this evening free
if possible.

For further details please contact Duncan Macintosh
on 0141 842 5261, or email

Edinburgh & the Lothians

On Monday August 6th we will have a commemoration
vigil for Hiroshima. It will
run from 6.30 to 7.30 pm
outside St Johns. Bring candles, readings, signs

Contact details: Eileen Cook 07800 848313 or email


Hiroshima Day Monday 6th August - 'Nuclear Awareness
Day'. Event by the Dee
floating lighted candles
down the river at 7PM.

Watch Aberdeen CND's website for more details

Contact details: Mike Martin 07974 763082 or

In peace

Adam Beese

Scottish CND

If you with to change the types of messages you recieve from Scottish
please visit

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Thursday, 26 July 2007


We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to end military recruitment
in all schools and colleges in the UK.

We are very concerned at the drive by the military to attempt to use
schools as recruiting grounds for the armed services. Given the terrible
wars in Iraq and Afghanistan we demand that the school authorities resist
pressure for increased military input in to our education. We do not
believe schools should be used to recruit to the military directly or
through recruiting agencies. We demand that no military force should be
allowed into any school at any time. If spokespeople for the military are
allowed in to our school we demand that all students are informed in
advance, have the right not to attend the event and that there should be a
right of reply from an anti war military parent or a speaker from the
anti-war movement.

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For a breakdown in coalition fatalities, click on the image below.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2007


The White Rose - click on the ensignia and read:

Lessons for our Time - follow up article to the White Rose:

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Monday, 23 July 2007

Strikes in Scotland

Royal Mail, Journalists, Glasgow Social Care and Network Rail Strikes in Scotland. This document is about a joint meeting of all of these sectors arranged by the Scottish Socialist Party.

Unity is Strength!

Click on the image to read:

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Sunday, 22 July 2007


This is from the Scottish Socialist Party. Union de-recognition is being rolled out faster across the country - faster than Thatcher could have even dreamed of. This is during the tenure of the "Labour Party" - which is now under the leadership of someone who has been selling himself as "left wing" for years and years (Blair never had to "spin" that lie - he likened himself to Thatcher etc)

Click on the Herald logo for a BBC report:

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Article for discussion

That this comes from a former Treasury worker makes this interesting reading.

A Free Press or a Ministry of Truth?

By Paul Craig Roberts
In his novel 1984, George Orwell portrayed a future time in which the explanations of recent events and earlier history are continually changed to meet Big Brother’s latest purpose. Previous explanations disappear down “the memory hole.”

Sound familiar? Any American who pays attention can observe the identical phenomenon occurring in the US today.

Think about the Bush Rfegime’s changing explanations for the failed US occupation of Iraq. Shortly after Bush’s May 2003 announcement of “mission accomplished,” the mission revealed itself to be very much unaccomplished. Americans were told that the cause of the snafu was a small Sunni insurgency of two or three thousand at the most inspired by “die-hard Baath party remnants.” Remember the propagandistic deck of cards identifying the most wanted down to the less wanted? Americans were assured that once Saddam Hussein and his relatives and henchmen were rounded up, our troops would be pelted with the promised flowers instead of roadside bombs.

When the roundups, trials, and executions failed to fix the problem, the “die-hard” explanation disappeared. A new explanation, with no continuity to the old, took its place.

The new explanation was that Syria was allowing foreigners to cross its border into Iraq to commit jihad against the American troops. This explanation lasted until it became all too clear, despite the propaganda, that the “foreign fighters” were remarkably well accepted by, and concealed within, the Iraqi communities that were suffering all the collateral damage of the conflict.

When it came time for the US to create an Iraqi government, it was evident that it would be one dominated by Shi’ites. Then, for a limited time, it was permissible to recognize that the insurgency was popularly based in the Sunnis.

As the insurgency evolved into what the Iraq Study Group described as a Sunni-Shi’ite civil war with US troops unclear on which side they stood, the Bush Regime and the captive media began blaming Al Qaeda for the escalating violence. Americans were assured by the Ministry of Truth that there wasn’t a civil war, just outsiders stirring up conflict. This enabled Big Brother to deny that there was a civil war and to revive fear of terrorist attacks in the US and UK, the new Oceania.

The Al Qaeda explanation was soon discarded into the memory hole. The explanation implied that Oceania’s invasion of Iraq had greatly expanded the ranks and strength of Al Qaeda, thus contradicting big Brother’s claim that his war in Iraq was making Oceanians safe by stamping out terrorism. The Al Qaeda explanation had to depart for another reason as well. Cheney, Israel, and the neocons, the rulers of the new Oceania, plan to attack Iran, and so the insurgency in Iraq is now being blamed on Iran.

The Ministry of Truth has accommodated the latest explanation, just as it did all others before, without remarking on the funeral of the previous explanation. All of a sudden, a new explanation appears and is repeated until it, too, goes down the memory hole.

The American and British media work the same way as the Ministry of Truth in Oceania. A day arrives when the “truth” no longer serves the empire or hegemonic power or center of moral purpose in the world, or for short, the regime. When that day arrives, a new explanation appears and is repeated until it, too, is discarded down the memory hole.

In recent weeks Americans have been fed a series of reports from official sources that Iran is arming both Iraqi insurgents and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Experts, both within the government and without, who have been made more attentive by the Bush Regime’s false charges of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, have disputed the news reports.

But the reports keep on coming. As I write, the latest story is that the US military “discovered a field of rocket launchers near a US army base south of Baghdad armed with 34 Iranian-made missiles.” Can you imagine? The insurgents went to the trouble of lugging powerful missiles within striking distance of a US base and just left them there unfired to be discovered by the Americans. To further serve Cheney’s plan to attack Iran, the media report states: “Earlier this month, US commanders stepped up the charges [against Iran], claiming that senior leaders of Iran’s special forces and of the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah militia have trained Iraqi fighters and provided other support.” [US finds Iranian rockets aimed at Iraq base, Agence France Presse, July 14,2007]

Notice that none of the explanations fed to Americans over the years have ever mentioned, even as a faint possibility, that the US invasion and occupation of Iraq might be the cause of the violence in Iraq.

Allegedly, the US is a free and open country with a free press and a government accountable to the people. Yet, the information fed to the American people is as thoroughly false as that fed to the citizens of Oceania by Big Brother through the Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s famous novel.

In Orwell’s novel, despite the totalitarian power of the government, nothing happens to people as long as they accept the government’s intrusive monitoring of their lives and do not become interested in truth or facts.. In such a world, truth and individuality pass out of human consciousness and become unimportant. Citizens survive by accepting Big Brother’s ever-changing reality.

This is what the mainstream media in the US and UK are enabling the new Oceania to accomplish. It is pointless to complain about a few Judith Millers here and there at the New York Times, or the obvious warmongers at the Weekly Standard, Fox “News,” and Wall Street Journal editorial page. The entire corporate media is behaving as a Ministry of Truth.


Paul Craig Roberts ( ) was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration. He is the author of Supply-Side Revolution : An Insider's Account of Policymaking in Washington; Alienation and the Soviet Economy and Meltdown: Inside the Soviet Economy, and is the co-author with Lawrence M. Stratton of The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice.

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Saturday, 14 July 2007

"Some Victims of Globalization" - an Article by SLLU member Ilia Milev

In the wake of Second Life Left Unity's recent inworld activities inviting Second Life residents to express their opposition to the destructive and disastrous global effects of the policies of the G8, SLLU member Ilia Milev has contributed the following article, highlighting the plight of just some of globalization's countless and all-too-often overlooked victims.

“Some” of the Victims of Globalization

Eventually and several times, in some of the mass media it could be discovered some news about riots in rural China disabled by the Chinese people’s army, whether we had the chance to know it. And also it’s said that these events happened some months ago, this entire episode reported upon as if it was a weak echo from the past. This kind of news is a warning that something is hidden and for this reason could be happening in a larger scale that we can guess. That’s the fact on the China fields: hundred of millions people are in an unknown and absolute poverty. By an indirect effect of globalization they are victims of this process and they are a human clock bomb on the more populated country with highest economical growth in the world. This is a simple summary from the report “Study on Rural China” published in 2004, and awarded with the Ulysses prize, made by Chen Guidi and Wu Chuntao, a couple of Chinese dissidents, persecuted and isolated by the Chinese government. Of course this report is clandestine in China.

But the problem, as Chen and Wu explain, is not limited on the field obviously. A huge mass of people comes to cities and a high percentage of them are there again in poor living conditions. They are described as smaller, thinner, dirtier and weaker Chinese people from the medium urban Chinese people; they are called “mingong”. Too often they become slaves on construction, and heavy industries.

These terrible facts and the ecological disasters, that happen almost every month, are the price that China pays for being the “provider” of all to the rest of the world. This is a price for the globalization. And it’s a price quite cheap for the Chinese governor’s because they consider enough following with repression and some purge of bureaucratic staff.

The victims they don’t know about globalization, or the internet, or SL, or recycling, nor alternatives and nothing at all, do they only know about their poverty and they die in a scale that we don’t really know. Curiously they are more than all the European population, the report of Chen and Wu tells about 900 millions of people. Maybe in India could exist another similar phenomenon, so our dimension to solve any problem can be considered as ridiculous unless we could help them or collaborate with them.

Then we should think which is in fact the real motor for any change in the world. And which can be our role on this.

Ilia Milev

SPANISH VERSION (kindly translated by Ilia)

“Algunas” de las Victimas de la Globalización

Eventualmente, en algunos medios de comunicación se puede descubrir algunas noticias sobre revueltas en la China rural, sofocadas por el ejército popular Chino, si es que tenemos la oportunidad de saberlo. Y también se dice que estos sucesos habían pasado hace meses, todo estos episodios explicados casi como si fuese un eco debil desde el pasado. Este tipo de noticias son una alerta de que algo se oculta y que por ese motivo puedes estar ocurriendo en una escala más grande de lo que podemos imaginarnos. Así son los hechos en el campo Chino: cientos de millones de habitantes están en una desconocida y absoluta pobreza. Por un efecto indirecto de la globalización son víctimas de ese proceso y son una bomba de relojería humana en el pais más poblado con el mayor crecimiento económico del mundo. Este es un simple resumen del informe “Estudio sobre la China Rural” publicado el 2004 y galardonado con el premio Ulises, escrito por Chen Guidi y Wu Chuntao, un matrimonio de disidentes Chinos, perseguidos y aislados por el gobierno. Por supuesto este informe es clandestino en China.

Pero el problema, como explican Chen y Wu, no está limitado obviamente al campo. Una enorme masa de gente llega a las ciudades y un alto porcentaje
de ellos vuelven a estar en unas condiciones pobres de vida. Son descritos como una gente más baja, más delgada, más sucia y débil que la población media urbana de China; son los llamados "mingong". Demasiado a menudo se convierten en esclavos en la industria pesada o en la construcción.

Estos terribles hechos y los desastres ecológicos, que ocurren casi cada mes, son el precio que China paga por ser el “proveedor” del resto del mundo. Es un precio por la globalización. Y es un precio bastante barato para el gobierno chino porque consideran suficiente seguir con la represión y alguna purga del personal burocrático.

Las víctimas no conocen la globalización, o internet, o SL, o el reciclaje, ni alternativas ni nada de nada, lo único qeu conocen es su pobreza y mueren en una magnitud que realmente desconocemos. Curiousamente son más que la población europea, el informe de Chen y Wu habla de alrededor de 900 millones de personas. Puede que en la India exista un similar fenomeno, de manera que nuestra dimension para resolver cualquier problema puede considerarse como ridicula a menos que podamos ayudarlos o colaborar con ellos.

Entonces debreíamos pensar cual es de hecho el motor real para cualquier cambio en el mundo. Y cual puede ser nuestro papel en esto.

Ilia Milev

Many thanks to Ilia for supplying this article. If you would like to be involved in our exciting upcoming inworld group projects, which will be aiming to publicise and educate on these and similar global social justice issues, please do a group search for 'SL Left Unity' and join up! Membership is free, and open - you don't need an invite. For further information on how to get involved, please IM SLUL Revolution. We look forward to meeting you!

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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

From Michael Moore

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
Today, Michael Moore will be on CNN again for Part Two with Wolf Blitzer, (Did you see Part One? And our response?), a new appearance on Larry King Live with Dr. Sanjay Gupta (appearing, we assume, to apologize for his factual errors), and a rerun of Mike's appearance on Jon Stewart from 13 days ago.
Those of us who maintain Michael's website have started a truth squad. Watch for our daily reports on how the media lies, distorts and carries the water for Big Pharma and Big Insurance.
We'll leave you with this analysis of how the mainstream media deals with Michael Moore.

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Wise words...

"Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool" -- Plato.

"I think that we should be men first, and subjects afterward. It is not so desirable to cultivate a respect for the law, so much as for the right" Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience, 1849

"As long as the world shall last there will be wrongs, and if no man objected and no man rebelled, those wrongs would last forever" Clarence Darrow

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality" Bishop Desmond Tutu

"He does not believe who does not live according to his belief" Thomas Fuller

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Friday, 6 July 2007





The SLLU seeks creative, non violent means to foster revolutionary social dialogue. We oppose capitalism, as well as racism and sexism as a part of capitalism. Our goal is to develop socialism in order to maximise left activity and thought on SL.

SLLU originated from members of the Scottish SSP, and is now part of a world wide left unity movement in SL. We are a diverse group, united around social justice and anti-capitalism. We are a democratic collective.

1 Our name shall be Second Life Left Unity (SLLU)

1.1 The group offers the means of a left environment, the term Unity
does not claim anything since there is no monopoly. It is a proposition.

2 The SLLU stands for the transformation of society. To replace
capitalism with an alternative classless, stateless economic system
based on collaborative democratic ownership and control of the key
sectors of the Second Life (SL) economy. A system based on physical
freedom; artistic freedom and environmental protection rather than
private profit and promotion of Real-Life mass produced corporate

3 The SLLU will provide political support and solidarity to all those
who are involved in fighting back against injustice, whether it be
trade unionists, community organisations, tenants groups, anti
nuclear protesters, animal rights campaigners, anti racist
organisations, feminists, anti-war groups, mental health advocacy
groups, LGBTI rights organisations and other campaigns and protest

4 The SLLU will oppose discrimination in any form on the basis of
race, religion, language, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, age
or disability - and on SL - species.

5 The SLLU will campaign for a an environment where each individual
user is fundamentally considered to be equal: we stand in
opposition to the divide between digital haves and have nots and seek
a balance between technocratic power and citizen power. Recognising
that in SL sovereignty resides, and ought to reside in the people,
the SL citizens, regardless of membership privileges, as opposed to
the fiefdom of the Lindens and will always seek the citizens' prior
consent to any transfer of powers outside SL.

6 The SLLU actively promotes the international solidarity of the
world community and oppressed to defeat capitalism and imperialism.
While preserving its political and constitutional autonomy the SLLU
will build the closest possible links with peace loving, left
radicals, socialists and left revolutionaries. across SL and the real
world (RL).

7 We oppose the use of violence as a group strategy within SL.
By violence we refer to the use of symbolic RL or fantasy weaponry
and/or the imposing of our will on others by forceful means. Rather,
we are committed to encouraging the empowerment of all individuals,
through education, debate, and consensus.

8 SLLU firmly stand for the bringing of international cooperation and
awareness through education and the discussion of the issues raised
by capitalist hegemony which the RL mainstream media systematically
fail to report. SLLU believe that by avoiding authoritarian teacher-
pupil models of education and based on peoples actual experiences and
continued shared investigation, every human being, no matter how
impoverished or illiterate, can develop a new awareness of self which
will free them to be more than passive objects responding to
uncotrollable change. As Freire said, and SLLU agree, each
individual wins back the right to say his or own word - to name the

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SLLU has acquired new land.

A number of the SLLU membership have been working hard on projects as diverse as educationals on the coffee trade, factories in 2/3rds world “economic zones” and of course, the Tribute Garden.

The land sale went through for L$37000. More projects are to be announced to members soon – and YOUR input is required!

Thanks to all who financially contributed/ regularly contribute. We still need the money to come rolling in. Contact me, SLUL REVOLUTION about contributing both financially and physically – ie. work/ ideas/ comments.

Click on link to go to SLLU entry in wikipedia... or click on pic above for a screenshot...

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Thursday, 5 July 2007

From Scottish Socialist Party Spokesperson


- against terrorism

- against racist attacks

- against war


Saturday 2pm George Square, Glasgow.


This has been called in response to the attempted airport atrocity, by a combination of mosques, other faith organisations and supported by trade unions - and us, the SSP.

We condemn the appalling terrorist attack on Glasgow airport – which could have caused murder and mayhem to innocent men, women and kids.

We stand united against such atrocities - which affect all communities.

We condemn those using the excuse to carry out racist attacks on ethnic minorities - the Muslim people of Scotland must not become scapegoats for an atrocity that they have openly and angrily condemned.

We call on the new Scottish government to carry out its election pledges and pressurise Gordon Brown to withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, as a step towards stabilising Scotland - to help build peace, justice and unity in the community.

Please – if you are in Scotland, and can get to George Square, Glasgow, come show solidarity with the ordinary people who were targeted and with the Muslim people of Scotland who have condemned this action.


Scottish Socialist Party

SSP Contact details: SSP, Suite 308, 93 Hope St, Glasgow.
G2 6LD 0141 221 7470

United Against Terror rally
Saturday 7 July, 2pm
George Square, Glasgow

Mosques and Islamic organisations in Glasgow have
called for a rally on Saturdayto demonstrate their
resolve against terrorism. It will take place one
week after the Glasgow Airport attack, with it also
being the second anniversary of the July bombings.

They are inviting everyone who can to take part,
under the title “Scotland United Against Terror.”
Faith leaders, churches, trade unionists and others
in civic society have been invited to attend, while
Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed
she will speak.

Commenting, Osama Saeed, one of the organisers said:

”The incident today in Riddrie [someone backed a
car into an Asian shop and set it on fire]
underscores the need to emphasise community
cohesion at this point.

We have a simple equation facing us. We have
the terrorists on one side, and the rest of
against them on the other - whether they be
Muslim, Christian, people of other faiths or
none. We mustn’t start accusing people of being
terrorists when they plainly aren’t.”

*For more information please contact:

Osama Saeed 07813 036238

Humza Yousaf 07776 196372

Detectives have launched an investigation after a car was rammed into a shop and then set alight.

The incident happened in the north-eastern part of Glasgow in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

An Asian newsagent's shop in the Riddrie area was left a burned out shell after the attack.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2007



We have been given the opportunity to purchase our own land, which we can then use for a group project. We can buy this land with the money we have in the coffers at the moment which amounts to L$37000. In order to keep this land and our current projects we will need people to donate regularly - donation boxes can be found in the new coffee shop.

Comments about this offer can be made to SLUL Revolution. We have a deadline of Tuesday 3pm GMT - so comments before this please!

Please make your comments on a notecard entitled "SLLU Project Land"

thanks everyone!

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OI! Money! (etc!)

WELL DONE all of you who are rallying to the cause! We have L$38436 in the coffers. WE NEED MORE to keep moving!

Consider a regular donation-this will mean the SLLU can rely on funds for regular payments like rent(eg our Coffee shop), donations to orgs who have donated land (eg.the garden and the future factory sim) and tier when we have our own land.

Secondly-GET INVOLVED! Contact higgleDpiggle Snoats, SLUL Revolution, Eremia Woodbury or Plot Tracer.


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Monday, 2 July 2007

Scottish solutions

From Scottish SLLU member, Plot Tracer -

Comments required on sl (to Plot Tracer or here on blog):

I ask SLLU members to make an outright condemnation of the attacks in England and Scotland. People have been reticent in giving views on this.

In my opinion, it is easy. The people who did this are stupid to think the appalling act of killing holiday makers will ease the conditions in Palestine or Iraq by giving the “West” a taste of what has disgustingly happened in those countries because of a terrible and very mistaken foreign policy initiated by Bush and Blair.

Nor will it make those in power in western countries, or those in subjection in UK/US decide to push their governments to ease the situation in the Middle East.

SLLU members should condemn the attempts on the lives of ordinary shoppers/ night clubbers/ travellers. We also acknowledge the fact that these embittered people/organisations would not be attacking us if our so called leaders had not sanctioned attacks on their livelihoods/countries/families.

The solution? – Uk and US out of Iraq! Allow the people of Iraq to come to a solution without US market and political pressure.

Allow the people of the Middle East to govern themselves and allow them to sell/distribute their own oil/resources for the benefit of their own country – which will allow them freedom from the World Bank and IMF – and those organisation's stipulations - ie. what they constitute an “unfettered market”.

UK should support the formation of a Palestine state without Israeli/US/ US political or US market conditions. UK/US should as a first step, stop selling and servicing weapons to countries in the area that have been modelled in their image by their regimes. These countries, rather than imposing a solution via their hand selected emissaries, should allow the peoples to have honest and open talks.

Other SLLU comments welcome on this subject. Im me or place comments on Blog. ALL comments will be placed on the SLLU blog. -

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