Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Have a socialist one..!

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Sunday, 11 December 2011

see you soon...

As many of my friends in SL know, I have not been able to come in to work with you on SL Left Unity projects over the past few months.  I have not forgotten you, and I am still very much in support of the Left Unity project we began way back in 2006.

I have documented my part in SLLU from 2006 on this blog and also on http://plotsplot.blogspot.com, so won’t go over all of the superb campaigns and events that have made me proud to be part of.  The comrades and real friendships I have made when helping in different left projects have been beautiful and inspiring and I know many of them are going to continue working in SL on projects that educate and inspire.
I am glad to see SLLU and SLLU members at the heart of the Occupy SL movement.  This is an important movement and the left need to be a loud voice within it (as well as without – real change will always need critical friends to help steer it towards fair change).

I will be coming and going from SL when I can, but my real life is becoming much too busy at the moment to let me immerse in our work in SL as I would like to.  SL is extremely time consuming, and this is doubly so when planning events and bringing comrades together through agitation and conversation.  This, of course, can change, so I am not bowing out of SL completely.  My activity from December to January of this year was intense because I was at home with broken bones, and coming into SL in the first place back in 2006 was because of an illness – so I imagine there will be times will be able to come in and help out in the coming years.
Please – if you see me inworld, contact me and let me know how SLLU and other social justice projects in SL are going.

Thanks for all the fish.

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