Tuesday, 1 July 2008

News from the "reinstate Davide campaign"



The IBM italy National workscouncil discussed on 30th of June an "untrust proposal" against Davide Barillari:
IBM Italy national workscouncil revoke the trust to the international unionist relations representative, Davide Barillari, based to the following considerations, which exclude his personal skills that were recognized.
- Initiative of "Second Life" (..)
- Management of communication between EWC and National Workscouncil. (..)
- Management of relations with International Union Organizations (EMF, IMF, UNI) (..)
- Presence in the Select Committee (..)
- Management of EWC agreement renegotiation (..)"

more information and details will follow.
These accusations are not fair and based on wrong interpretations of the facts, without proofs.
the international petition signed by 400 persons (employees representatives, citizens and IBM workers) was not taken in consideration, like many support letters sent by IBM unionists in Europe.

A public reply will follow, and many protest initiatives against this decision sustained and agreed by the FIOM/CGIL officials.

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The United Socialist Movement of the Americas

A Great initiative started as a Facebook group and now branching out into the "Real World". Perhaps some of our American comrades can keep us up to date on this organisation.

SMA Objectives and Purposes:

1. To establish a local chapter in every community across the Americas;
2. To promote socialist values and ideas; and to
3. Create a united socialist movement in the 35 countries of the Americas.

More Specifically, Chapters Will:
1. Promote the reduction of social & economic inequalities within and between nations;
2. Help raise the awareness of the destructive forces of capitalism upon nature;
3. Monitor the progress made by socialist ideas in their community, in the Americas and beyond;
4. Act as an “honest broker” between various groups working in a spirit of unity to support worthwhile campaigns; and
5. Provide members with educational and leadership tools for socialist activists.

Long Range Goal:

To move our countries from the current capital set of social relations towards a pluralistic socialist society.

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