Thursday, 29 November 2007

CSI: Glorifying violence against women?

Opinion from SLLU member, Ms Qunhua

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Perhaps I shouldn't speak having only seen CSI:Miami's "My Nanny"
episode and solved CSI:NY's "Furry Love" mystery on SL, but I'm so
creped out that speak I must.

For those with an aversion to spoilers, you may want to stop reading now.

On CSI:Miami's "My Nanny" episode, a beautiful woman is killed by a
handsome man. The murder is even enacted with a view from inside the
victim's rib cage as the knife is plunged in. The killer shows no
remorse for his actions in the episode's final minutes.

In CSI:NY's in-world "Furry Love" mystery, the promiscuous "Miss
Kitty" is stabbed and her killer expresses pride in his actions. The
in-world video clips also have a racial overtone.

I've enjoyed reading and watching murder mysteries but this possible
trend of the male killer/hero proudly committing violence against
women is disturbing. How will this influence the domestic
relationships of CSI audience members?

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