Sunday, 11 November 2007

The White Ribbon Campaign

From Ledoof Constantineau

The work of the White Ribbon Campaign has been recognised as Cosmpolitan made Chris Green the Cosmo Man of the Year. Chris Green co-ordinates the UK section of the campaign.

The White Ribbon Campaign is the largest effort in the world of men working to end men's violence against women.
We are an educational organization to encourage reflection and discussion that leads to personal and collective action among men.

Throughout the year, we encourage men

* to do educational work in schools,
workplaces and communities,
* to support local women's groups,
* to raise money for the international
educational efforts of the WRC.

We distribute Education and Action kits to schools and we maintain a website. We speak out on issues of public policy, and now we are in Second Life!

We are looking for people to become involved with white ribbon within second life; both men and women are welcome to participate.
You could help by:
*joining the white ribbon group and showing
your support for the campaign
*become a white ribbon partner and display
posters and ribbons and materials on your
*display the white ribbon information area in
your picks so that other people will visit
(we will give you a landmark in this notice so
that you can come see it for yourself. then
you can go into your 'picks' tab in your
profile and select 'new'. you can use one
of the enclosed textures as your picture for
this if you wish)
*get involved! help us plan events, workshops
discussions and actions in second life to
promote the campaign
*donate - white ribbon is run by volunteers
and relies on donations to run it's
programmes and activities.
*tell other people about it and encourage
them to spread the word and/or get
involved too
*anything else you can think of :)

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1 comment:

Chris Green White Ribbon UK said...

Only just visited this post cos have been really busy with other White Ribbon actions.
Scottish Borders Council have a white ribbon bus visiting all their communities and are active in workplaces and schools and a radio campaign led by Rory Bremner to obtain white ribbon pledges. In Wrexham today we held probably the first White Ribbon March in the UK with 100 participants giving out ribbons to everyone in the shops and streets, and they have 16 activities in Wrexhan for the 16 days of action. It's great to see such action in virtual life too. Thanks for all your support