Sunday, 4 November 2007


What a party! Thanks to all who helped set up the fantastic Montevideo island for the SLLU do - and thanks to Mike Mission for a blinding set and Wildo Hoffman for a beautiful chillout session. And thanks to everyone who came along to help us celebrate 1 whole year of Second Life Left Unity!

This was a party to remember! It really was. If you were not there, you will, for years, be wishing you had been.

More SLLU Rave-lutions to come - and there is rumour of a SLLU sports event soon... watch this space.

Thanks to all of the Linden Dollar contributions - our fund stands at L$51,301.

There are still freebies to be had at the site of the party - and the fairground will be there for a while longer... come grab 'em while you can! and look out for the exclusive SLLU party gift bags too :-)

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1 comment:

Samantha said...

I was able to come to the party for a short time last night. It was really great! Mike Mission was amazing. Is the SLLU going to have anymore Ravolutions? Oh, and I would really like to see Wildo. I wasn't able to stay to see her. Does she have other nights?