Sunday, 23 October 2011

Fast and fun and just what we expected

The demonstration at CapEx went great today. Maybe a few more minutes to take more pictures would have been nice, but that's okay. The sim owner came (or was already there) when we arrived. We were very nice to him and tried hard to explain what we were about, but I'm afraid he took our presence there very personally and was upset from the very start. He kicked us all off within 10 minutes. :-)
As planned we all followed Miso over to the LEA Self-Curated Gallery ( where she is setting up an OccupyLEA tent camp and info board. This is something I'm hoping we can duplicate and setup up at sandboxes and anywhere we can rezz it all over SL. :)
At OccupyLEA we all laughed and talked about what had just happened at CapEx. How do we make the message clearer and spread it farther next time.  What more fun can we plan for SL?  Things look exciting ahead.

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