Friday, 7 October 2011

Here is a quick update before I head off to work today.....

We are having a General Assembly meeting this Sunday at 7PM.  I've created a group called Occupy SL.  We want to have as many ppl as we can come together and talk about what we can do in sl.  Here is the group notice we have been sending out:

Subject:   Occupy SL, general assembly this Sunday

Now is the time for the 99% percent to have their voices heard

We are opening a General Assembly following the model used in NYC and elsewhere.  This will be an open forum and discussion with decisions by consensus.  We want to plan Actions and Strategies for bringing awareness and participation around these issues in SL.

Please make every effort to participate by coming this Sunday at 7AM slt.
The group, Occupy SL, has been created, please join.

.....We've been talking to lots of ppl and I'm expecting a big turnout  :)

Also, I'm working on putting on a music event.  The Virtual Live Band (VLB) has just agreed to come perform on Oct.15th.  :))

More to come...........

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