Monday, 3 October 2011

Occupy Wall Street at SLLU - update

Update from Merriam Galaxy.  Contact Merriam and Agnes Sharple inworld for more details.

Banks are burning at SLLU. Come on over!

We have set up a space around the SLLU Stage with Occupy Wall Street posters, freebies, and things, and a large TV with bookmarked youtube videos.  We're working on getting the OWS livestream video to work on it.

So we made a few notices and group IM announcements this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, and had a few ppl come by.  We talked about ideas for getting more ppl.  We're still thinking about bigger actions.  And we are mostly thinking of doing one more music events soon.  I've contacted VLB and I've talked to Kookie who does the Dick Sandwich punk show and they are definitely up for it.

Agnes and I then did a search on occupy wall street and found several other groups in sl that have formed.  I left an offline IM with one group,  and we had a fruitful convo with a guy in another group.  He is doing a big art installation/competition around OWS.  We introduced him to SLLU, he liked what he saw and wants to put the winning art piece on SLLU land.  That group has a really good area set up promoting ows protests.

Anyway, that's the happenings so far.

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